The Reader’s Voice: CPR Increases Server Bar Limit

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – In the first edition of the new column ‘The Reader’s Voice’, we focus on the latest news from Club Penguin Rewritten. Let us see what our readers have to say about the recent increase of server bar limit.

Club Penguin Rewritten gained prominence as the only CPPS for armies since the end of Adobe Flash two years ago. Throughout their time, the game enforced strict rules for armies. In 2020, the sudden change of in-game filters impacted several armies. The in-game filter is traditionally used to block inappropriate words and phrases. However, Club Penguin Rewritten implemented a filter that constantly updates to block army recruiting lines. Other measures taken by them include “semi muting” new accounts. New accounts have special restrictions on their chat bar that do not allow them to send words beyond those used in normal conversations. Moreover, Stu issued a warning to the army community in July 2020. This warning made it compulsory for armies to stay in severs below two bars.

However, in a change of policy, the game admins recently updated their rule for armies. Armies can now log on to servers with less than three bars. More details on the change can be found in the post “CP Rewritten Increases Server Bar Limit”. Considering their increase of intolerance towards armies over the past years, this sudden alleviation took many by surprise. However, the admins also added a rule that states they will not condone “targeted harassment of other armies”. This ambiguous statement is troubling to many community members. The reason is, many army tactics can potentially be perceived as “targeted harassment”.

The Reader’s Voice team reached out to several leaders for their opinion on this news.

What do you think about the new server bar limit? Also, what will your army do if the game starts taking action against word tactics? 

I mean I don’t really trust that tbh, I feel like they only opened up to us more because of the Yukon CPPS code being released so I guess well see what happens. As for the harassments of other armies clearly Stu doesn’t know what armies do, because that’s all we do to each other and it makes it fun. CPR wants armies to stay on there because we add to their player base so eventually in the future I am sure we would see more of stuff like this happening.

Well for now we would have to take it I guess, I don’t really trust any other CPPS out there, so I wont send my troops out to another one if I don’t trust it. But with Supers game making strides CPR would only be digging their own grave in relation to armies leaving it which it appears every army is going to do once it releases.

– Aaronstone, Water Vikings Leader


We can go onto larger bar servers for rogues but that won’t do us any good. I’d rather stick to Ascent. I mean granted, any word tactic is “targeted” harassment. This changes the game dynamically as we have to most likely revert to big word bubbles for word tactics, which are horridly overused. My general thoughts are that CPR is most likely becoming more tolerant of armies now.

Sticking to emotes and J and L would be decent, don’t really mind that.

– Xing, Templars Leader


Hello scorp. I don’t believe this will be largely impactful to my army, but it will make choosing a server to log onto easier, and will also help avoid clashing with other armies who have events at the same time.

I think we’ve all gotten used to working around CPR’s strict army rules by now, so while this extra rule rules out certain creativity in tactics, it won’t affect us very much.

– Snowy, Help Force Leader


Increasing the server limit does actually help out Ice Warriors a lot because when we host events or any special event, we now don’t have to worry about surpassing the limit that can get us kicked off or worry about changing our servers which can affect our overall event. It also creates a lot of ease for us when it comes to tournaments as well since we all know what happened in the 2021 Legends Cup Semi-finals IW vs HF. We can now not have to worry about being kicked off and focus 100% more on the tournaments. In terms of the targeted harassment rule, it does serve its purpose to help promote a safer community, which I agree with. However, I am interested to see how strict they will be with this rule. It is common for armies to have roasting tactics against each other for pbs/wars/tournaments. If they absolutely don’t tolerate any of this, then this could change the way armies battle each other going forward, in regards to creating tactics. I don’t think they will be super strict, but you never know, so we shall see going forth.

– Dr Queen, Ice Warriors Leader


Regarding the new changes to CPR rules, I think it will give s/m armies more chance to have random people join in and give bigger sizes plus it will make some new people curious about the armies and look them up. The rules will stop armies from in-game recruiting which is not good but at the same time, it will stop the verbal abuse that some armies use in their tactics. In the first place it all depends on who checks the tactics and judges if they are harassment or not depending on the content but as of now, the Silver Empire will continue on the same path and soon enough move to CPAB when it fully launches.

– Dragon, Silver Empire Leader


I think them increasing the server bar limit is alright, as for the “harassment” I think that limits the amount of trash talk a army can do while in a battle

– Jesus, Army of Club Penguin Leader

What an interesting variety of opinions from our readers. It is obvious that this update from Club Penguin Rewritten is going to affect our community in many ways. While some don’t mind the possibility of being moderated, others are already making plans to move to a different CPPS. It will be interesting to see how this situation plays out in a few more months. Till then, stay tuned for the next Reader’s Voice edition.

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