AUSIA Arena Semi-Final Battle Cancelled & Rescheduled Following CP Rewritten Downtime

CP REWRITTEN, United Media Headquarters – A major set-back in the AUSIA Arena tournament occurred this past weekend, with the cancellation of the Ice Warriors v. Help Force semi-final battle pushing the entire competition back a week.

The AUSIA Arena semi-final battles were set to take place this past weekend, with the Rebel Penguin Federation triumphing over the Templars on Saturday and the Help Force set to take on the Ice Warriors on Sunday, February 6th. However, the Help Force and Ice Warriors did not make it to the battlefield, with a CP Rewritten downtime rendering the platform unplayable at the time of the battle.

Both opponents maintained faith that the game would be back online before the beginning of their battle, and kept their Discord servers active and soldiers prepared for combat. A decision was made at 10am EST – an hour after the scheduled battle time – that the battle would have to be delayed until another day.

This isn’t the first time a Help Force-Ice Warriors tournament battle has been canceled and rescheduled. Previously, the pair were infamously kicked offline mid-combat in the semi-finals for the Legends Cup XI. It seems their bad luck has extended to the AUSIA Arena tournament, as this set-back has resulted in frustration and disappointment amongst the members of their ranks. One of the Help Force members even reached out to a CP Rewritten moderator at the time to understand how long the downtime would endure.

CP Rewritten was back online almost 4 hours after the 9am EST scheduled battle time, with the team releasing an unlock code to compensate players with 15,000 coins. It has since been announced that their semi-finals battle will take place this Sunday, on February 13th. The winning army will then proceed to battle the Rebel Penguin Federation the following Saturday, on February 19th.

Sunday, February 13th

Help Force vs. Ice Warriors
9am EST | 6pm GST | 7:30pm IST | 10pm SGT | 11pm JST | 12am AEST | 2pm GMT/UK

The judges have already been selected, with Popcorny, Yvng and Sidie currently set to evaluate the battle and decide on its winner. Can we expect more downtime with CP Rewritten in the future, and will the Ice Warriors and Help Force be unlucky enough to encounter a third tournament battle cancellation? The United Media wish both the best of luck in the upcoming penultimate round.

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