CPRewritten Increases Server Bar Limit

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – After almost four years of having a server bar limit under 2, Club Penguin Rewritten finally upped it to 3. What does this mean for armies?

In any Club Penguin iteration, there have always been “bars” to each server. These bars tell people how many others are on, so the players know where to make more friends. However, because armies advertise their chatrooms using their name or website, Club Penguin and most private servers took severe actions. These sudden punishments of armies were primarily due to advertising considered a form of sharing personal information. Club Penguin Army Central wrote multiple posts on these rules, such as “Club Penguin Is Becoming Less Tolerant of Armies.”

Club Penguin Rules

Club Penguin Rewritten went further in their effort by enforcing strict server bar limits and a clear “No Advertising Rule”:

CPRewritten Rule on Advertising

Up till August 2020, however, the server bar limit was only at 2 bars, which meant that armies could log on to any server with under 240 people online. The only exception was if an army’s size caused the server bar count. August 2020 saw more restrictions on armies, lowering the limit to 1 bar (approximately a maximum of 119 penguins). For armies that did not follow that rule, actions included safe-chatting (where you can only use emotes and messages provided by CPR) and banning penguins in those armies. This shocked armies that used CPR, hardening against armies even more than before. Club Penguin Army Hub wrote a post entitled “CP Rewritten Sets Stricter Regulations For Army Community; Interview With Stu,” which details this regulation.

Recently, however, Club Penguin Rewritten increased their server bar limit to 3, which means armies can have a more extensive selection of servers to log on to. The increase means that armies have been following the rules thoroughly and that CPR privileges armies for following such rules. While armies probably will not be allowed to log on 5-bar servers, nor would we want to, following rules such as not advertising in CPR and their Discord has allowed our community a lifeline, not to get banned accidentally. It provides more opportunities for better battles, as multiple armies can build their size while logging on. We may not know the exact reason why they increased our limit, but armies have some good news with this update from Stu.

CP Rewritten Admin Stu announces an update in the rule.

This news will undoubtedly bring much joy to armies. The silver lining sticks, though, as armies have to keep following rules to stay or decrease restrictions. What new benefits will we receive as we continue using CPRewritten for events and follow the events? How will this affect the growth and sizes of armies from now?

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