Closet Effects: The Blue Viking Helmet

KLONDIKE, Myth’s Fashion Studio – Welcome back fashionists to another edition of “Closet Effects”. This week, we’ll be taking a closer look at the Blue Viking Helmet, and what it has to offer.

I. What Item is on Today’s Agenda?

Within Club Penguin and its successors, there are multiple variations of Viking Helmets. Within this class, one of the most notable is the Blue Viking Helmet. First appearing in 2006, the blue helmet was one of the first items debuted that year. Surprisingly, it would make two more appearances within Club Penguin, both in 2009 and ’11.

Blue Viking Helmet Icon

II. What Armies Have Used the Item?

Multiple armies have worn the Blue Viking Helmet. One of the most notable inclusions of the helmet is the Water Vikings. Most notable within the army, the helmet has always been a part of their uniform since their establishment in 2010.

Water Vikings Uniform

One of the most iconic armies from the original Club Penguin also wore the Blue Viking Helmet. The Army Republic, founded in 2007, has also used the helmet. The Army Republic was last seen in 2017, and will most likely never return to the army scene. 

Army Republic Uniform

III. The Lasting Effects of the Item

Even with the Blue Viking Helmets’ sparse appearances in private servers, the helmet is quite noticeable. The Water Vikings and the Army Republic don’t go unnoticed with their helmets. No armies have tried to replicate the success of the Blue Viking Helmet, even with its inclusion in private servers.

Unlike rarer items, the Blue Viking Helmet isn’t necessarily in the mix when creating uniforms. Very few armies have used the helmet in general, and it’s unknown why.

IV. Conclusion

Like most notable items, the Blue Viking Helmet is well known within the army community. With the Water Vikings’ activeness, the helmet is seen all over private servers. Even with their continuous activity, the helmet is one of the most well-known items within the community. However, common items can be quite rare within uniforms, and this is no exception. Is the Blue Viking Helmet a noticeable or well-known uniform piece? Which army is it best recognized with?

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