Planes Back In the Air, Fighter Pilots Announce Revival

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters –  What is that? Is that a bird? No, it is a plane! The Fighter Pilots are flying back into the community. Recently, the leaders Frostty and Kelsey announced the return of the army.

On January 30th, the Fighter Pilots announced their return to the community after a one-year break. In their announcement, posted on their old Discord server, Kelsey mentioned the need of creating a new server, as the old one was owned by an inaccessible account. She also exalted excitement for this new generation and asked their old troops to return to the army and join the new server.

Kelsey announcing the return of the Fighter Pilots

After much anticipation, the Fighter Pilots held their opening event on February 5th with a reported 19 participants in attendance.

Fighter Pilots Return

Fighter Pilots’ revival event on February 5th.

The Fighter Pilots were created on May 25th, 2020, originally led by Semi, Ana, and Jenn. In 2020, the Pilots established themselves as a Small/Medium powerhouse. In September 2020, the leadership inducted Kelsey as their next leader, alongside Frostty. On January 13th, 2021, the Pilots eventually shut down after the CPAH scandal, converting themselves into a gaming community. Their last generation was also notably marked by their participation in the Beep Beep Alliance alongside the Golden Troops, Silver Empire, and Red Ravagers. That alliance would eventually fall at the beginning of 2021 after the declarations of war by Help Force and Red Ravagers on the Silver Empire, declarations backed by the closed Golden Troops and the Fighter Pilots themselves.

Fighter Pilot’s verification event – May 2020

CP Army Headquarters was able to get a hold of Frostty to share their thoughts on the return of Fighter Pilots.

Why did you decide to reopen the Fighter Pilots?

We decided to reopen fighter pilots because we wanted to reconnect with people that were in the Original FP.

What are your goals and how do you plan on achieving them?

My goals? haha well, my goal is to make FP a legendary army but let’s be real, armies aren’t what they should be at the moment so right now it’s all about making the memories with who ya got and making them good.

What community involvement can we expect to see from you? Any plans for war, map involvement?

Well, I don’t think Kelsey and I have any real war plans right at the moment but ya never know ;). We are going to try and get on the map. and hold a few spots there. so as of right now, we are just gonna sit back and watch everyone destroy everyone else of course if something happens then we will be there.

Although there is no date planned yet for the revival, the Fighter Pilots seem to have big plans for the community along the way, and sound ready to soar once again into the army community. Will they fulfill their goals for this next generation? CP Army Headquarters will keep you updated.

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