‘AUSIA Arena: Winter Edition’: Judges Eye – Quarter Finals

CP REWRITTEN, United Media Headquarters – A couple of days ago, the army community witnessed four battles, of which the winning four armies proceeded to the semi-finals. The question is, what did our judges think of them?

Over the past weekend, eight armies fought each other in quarter final round of ‘AUSIA Arena’, with only four winning armies made it to the semi-finals. Saturday saw the Secret Service face off against the Ice Warriors, while the Help Force battled the Army of Club Penguin. The following day saw the Templars against the Silver Empire, while the Water Vikings met the Rebel Penguin Federation on the battlefield. You can read more about the outcome of these battles here.

Rebel Penguin Federation vs Water Vikings | AUSIA Arena Quarter Finals

United Media were able to contact Superhero123 (TCP vs SE), Yvng (SS vs IW), Popcorny (HF vs ACP), and Spotty (RPF vs WV) in order to get their thoughts on the battle they judged.


First of all, what are your thoughts on the battle?

Superhero123: It was a really close battle, especially the last two rooms. Templars had a significant advantage at first but the advantage kept getting smaller as the battle progressed to the point where both armies performed about the same in the last two rooms.

Yvng: Even though it wasn’t much of a battle since SS left after room 1, I still enjoyed watching IW battle as they still kept going like it was a battle in room 2 and it was also nice to talk to my fellow judges as well. Still wish it was a close battle since I enjoy those moments when it comes down to the third room or even overtime at times

Popcorny: I thought the battle was a lot more one sided than people expected, I was very impressed with HF’s max and overall performance.

Spotty: Honestly the battle was a lot closer than I imagined. I don’t think I remember the last time I saw RPF battle against WV so it was nice to experience a battle a battle that doesn’t happen too often. Especially as both sides gave their absolute best.

Was there any particular moment that caught your attention?

Superhero123: I can’t pinpoint any exact moment, but as the battle turned more close things became more interesting.

Yvng: Honestly not much really caught my attention during this battle, maybe just the way IW was completely covering SS in Room 1 that you can only see 1-2 SS penguins in the Ice Rink

Popcorny: In the Cove, Help Force made a lovely infinity symbol which worked perfectly with the rooms design for this party. It was an ingenious move on their behalf.

Spotty: I mean room two definitely caught my eye especially as we decided that Water Vikings had won that room. This meant room three was very important as it was the decider room which I definitely did not expect to happen. So that whole room certainly caught my eye.

Which tactic did you like the most? and why?

Superhero123: There was a funny one SE did about silver victor being that day’s lunch meal but other than that I can’t recall something, Templars had some funny ones as well but I can’t recall exact wording right now.

Yvng: I didn’t really have a favorite tactic, but i enjoyed both sides doing tactics since it’s always fun and interesting to see both armies go at each other in a friendly manner

Popcorny: I like the tactics ACP made regarding HF needing help due to their name being help force. It’s irony was humorous as considering the situation and size difference, ACP really were the ones needing help.

Spotty: I liked Water Viking’s big word bubble of “LAGGING” as it’s the most honest tactic I’ve seen as especially yesterday CPR was laggy during some moments. I also liked RPF’s pun tactics such as PUDDLEWARRIORS and other water tactics relating to ships which happen to correspond with them being in the ship hold.

Do you feel like both armies could have done better? If yes, how?

Superhero123: I mean there is never a limit on army performance, you can always max more or improve on the tactical side. AUSIA has historically been the division most armies emphasize less on due to most CPA people being from US or Europe. Emphasizing more in recruiting during AUSIA times would result in better sizes in future AUSIA tournaments.

Yvng: I think both armies performed the way i expected them too, IW has a dominate AUSIA division so i expected them to have the large size that they did in Room 1 while SS just reopened a bit ago and they are a s/m army that maxes around 10-15 on average

Popcorny: I really don’t think HF could have done any better, it was a stellar performance worthy of much acclaim. ACP certainly will be disappointed with the performance and I’m sure on another day could have performed much better. Due to the size disadvantage they faced, there certainly looked as if defeat was inevitable and it showed in the performance overall.

Spotty: As mentioned, both armies did a lot better than I expected, I wasn’t expecting it to be as close as it turned out to be. Given the lag, the new party rooms and the AUSIA timings, I think both armies did great.

Finally, is there anything you would like to say for both armies after this battle?

Superhero123: For Templars I want to say that they have really improved their AUSIA division, I remember that in some of the previous TCP/WV wars it was almost non-existent. For SE I want to say that I was really impressed by their AUSIA might, the managed to fight Templars neck-to-neck and I am sure they are an army that will only keep getting stronger in the foreseeable future

Yvng: Even though it was only a 10 minute battle, it was still very fun to wake up at 7 am on a Saturday to judge both of y’all. Also congrats to IW on winning this matchup and good luck this upcoming weekend against Help Force!

Popcorny: I wish Help Force the best of luck going forward and am sure with the performance they displayed against ACP, victory in this tournament is a very real possibility.

Spotty: I would just like to say a massive well done to both armies. Both of you performed excellently and I was glad that I given the opportunity to judge this battle. Also good luck to RPF in the Semi Finals!

There is no doubt that the majority agree this weekend was one with many surprises. However, as we move on to the semi-finals, the excitement of the community rises. The AUSIA Arena is getting more hyped as four of the strongest major armies will be fighting each other in the semi-finals next week for a chance to fight in the finals for the tournament cup.

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