Shady Behaviour: Night Warriors Claim Warm-Up Room As Individual Event

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – The Night Warriors have been caught trying to claim a single event as multiple in an attempt to achieve a higher score on the weekly Top Ten rankings.

The Night Warriors made their grand return to the army community nearly three weeks ago, and have held several events since. Despite kicking off the new generation with a troublesome event and maximum size of 17, their sizes quickly reached impressive peaks of 38 in their most recent events.

Earlier today, suspicions were raised in regards to the Night Warriors event on Saturday, January 29th. Leader Epic101 submitted two events into the CP Army HQ’s event submission channel, which is what the administration use to calculate the Top Ten scores each week. However, it was noticed that one event was labelled as a “Pre-Event Training” that happened 10-15 minutes before their “Raid of Club Penguin.”

CP Army HQ administrator Kingfunks4 joined the Night Warriors Discord to investigate the event pictures channel, and was soon banned for being “an outsider”. He did, however, manage to secure enough information that confirmed the “two events” were in fact the warm-up and the first room of the event, which began at 7pm UK/GMT.

When confronted about this information, Epic101 offered an elaborate defence that quickly contradicted itself. He originally informed Associate Director Max that the two events occurred 40 minutes apart, and the army logged off between each one.

This story changed shortly after when Epic was presented with his own words from the “Pre-Event Training” event results. He proceeded to declare this was a common occurrence in 2015, with many armies doing this exact thing. He offered multiple screenshots of the Light Troops hosting “pre-training” events that occurred just before the “actual” event started. Despite this happening 7 years ago, it is well known throughout the community that this highly unethical behaviour is no longer welcome and cannot be claimed as two separate events.

Epic101 then confirms that there was no official “logging off” between the events, and it was in fact “some people getting disconnected and then re-logging on in a different room”. He then stated that he did not realise this could not be counted as two events.

The CP Army HQ administration have decided to issue the Night Warriors with an official warning. After considering the evidence, we believe this was a deliberate attempt to deceive the administration and community into believing they held two events instead of one, in order to gain more Top Ten points and a higher rank. For the Top Ten tomorrow, this will be counted as a single event. If this occurs again then a deduction to their Top Ten score will ensue.

The Night Warriors have been back in the community for just over two weeks, yet already seen their first dose of drama and deception. How will their shady behaviour effect them moving forward? Will they learn from this situation and play by the rules? Or are there more secrets to uncover?


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  1. Fulcrum23 January 30, 2022 (12:37 am)

    They will never learn.

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