‘AUSIA Arena: Winter Edition’: Quarter Final Predictions

CP REWRITTEN, United Media Headquarters – The ‘AUSIA Arena’ tournament is well and truly underway, with the Quarter Final battles taking place over the next two days. Who will come out on top, and who will fall short? Let’s see what the community predictions say! 

The ‘AUSIA Arena’ Qualifier Round has now concluded with the three victors advancing into the Quarter Finals and joining the remaining competitors. Once again, the United Media have collected an array of predictions from organisation administration, as well as our three ‘AUSIA Icons‘ from our interview coverage earlier this week.


Secret Service vs. Ice Warriors

The first battle of the Quarter-Finals takes place between the Secret Service and the Ice Warriors. The Secret Service finished their qualifier battle in an unexpected win against the People’s Imperial Confederation, with a score of 2-1. The Ice Warriors on the other hand recently secured 3rd place on the weekly Top Tens, and are looking forward to an intense battle. Having beaten Secret Service in the Legends Cup Semi-Final, could we see a repeat of the same?

Sidie9, CPAHQ Administration: Ice Warriors (3-0-0)

Iceyfeet1234, CPAN Board: Ice Warriors (3-0-0)

Spotty, CPAHQ Associate Director: Ice Warriors (3-0-0)

Kally, CPAN Editor: Ice Warriors (3-0-0)

Max, CPAHQ Administration: Ice Warriors (3-0-0)

Dman64w, CPAN Editor: Ice Warriors (3-0-0)

CSY, AUSIA Icon: Ice Warriors (3-0-0)

Vedant, AUSIA Icon: Ice Warriors (3-0-0)


Army of CP vs. Help Force

The second round of the quarter-finals takes place between the Army of Club Penguin and the Help Force. Known for being the finalists for the Aces of AUSIA in 2020, the community looks forward to seeing the outcome of these two armies. The former recently regained status as a major army, while the Helpers secured fourth on the weekly Top Tens. Will the Help Force dominate over the Army of Club Penguin once again, or will we be seeing the opposite?

Sidie9, CPAHQ Administration: Army of CP (2-1-0)

Iceyfeet1234, CPAN Board: Help Force (2-1-0)

Spotty, CPAHQ Associate Director: Help Force (3-0-0)

Kally, CPAN Editor: Help Force (2-0-1)

Max, CPAHQ Administration: Help Force (2-0-1)

Dman64w, CPAN Editor: Help Force (2-1-0)

CSY, AUSIA IconHelp Force (2-0-1)

Vedant, AUSIA Icon: Help Force (2-0-1)


Silver Empire vs. Templars

The third battle of the Quarter-Finals will see the Silver Empire go up against the Templars. The qualifier round saw the Silver Empire beat the Mercenaries with a score of 3-0. Recently, the Templars have been dominating the weekly Top Tens, as they have now become a regular contender for first place. Meanwhile, the Silver Empire placed 9th in the recent Top Ten. Will the Silver Empire be lucky enough to beats odds and secure a win, or will we see the Templars in another Semi-Final?

Sidie9, CPAHQ Administration: Templars (3-0-0)

Iceyfeet1234, CPAN Board: Templars (2-1-0)

Spotty, CPAHQ Associate Director: Templars (3-0-0)

Kally, CPAN Editor: Templars (3-0-0)

Max, CPAHQ Administration: Templars (3-0-0)

Dman64w, CPAN Editor: Templars (3-0-0)

CSY, AUSIA Icon: Templars (2-0-1)

Vedant, AUSIA Icon: Templars (3-0-0)


Rebel Penguin Federation vs. Water Vikings

For the last battle of the Quarter-Finals we will see the Rebel Penguin Federation log on against the Water Vikings. Last week the Rebel Penguin Federation placed 2nd in Top Ten, with the Water Vikings ranking a few places lower at 5th/6th. With the Rebel Penguin Federation having won the last two community tournaments, will they keep up their winning streak and secure a place in the Semi-Final?

Sidie9, CPAHQ Administration: Rebel Penguin Federation (3-0-0)

Iceyfeet1234, CPAN Board: Rebel Penguin Federation (3-0-0)

Spotty, CPAHQ Associate Director: Rebel Penguin Federation (2-0-1)

Kally, CPAN Editor: Rebel Penguin Federation (2-0-1)

Max, CPAHQ Administration: Rebel Penguin Federation (3-0-0)

Dman64w, CPAN Editor: Rebel Penguin Federation (2-0-1)

CSY, AUSIA Icon: Rebel Penguin Federation (3-0-0)

Vedant, AUSIA Icon: Rebel Penguin Federation (2-0-1)


With the semi-finals just around the corner, there is no doubt the community is looking forward to see what these armies have to offer. The United Media will keep you updated of the outcome of this round. Good luck to all!

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