Legend Awakens: Buddy Announces Return to Water Vikings

NEW FROSTBITE, Water Viking Capital – Amid a flurry of rehires, Buddy announced his return to Water Vikings’ leadership team. What led to his return, and what plans does he have for the future?

On January 26th, Buddy announced his return as Viking Commander. Shortly after that, Revan welcomed additional staff members and called upon former Vikings to help defeat their enemies. 

Buddy returns to water vikings

Buddy rejoins Water Vikings Leadership.

Water Vikings welcoming back previous Vikings.

Buddy has an extensive army history, having first joined armies in 2012. He began by leading the Night Divers before moving on to the Air Force in 2014. Later that year, the Air Force merged into the  Water Vikings, and Buddy became Second-in-Command. He soon earned the title of Viking Commander, where had success against armies such as Special Weapons and Tactics and Doritos of CP. Despite making stops in  PretzelsMarines, Golds, Golden Guardians, and the Rebel Penguin Federation, Buddy has led the Water Vikings repeatedly. The Water Vikings have been his most consistent army throughout his career, and Buddy’s excellent leadership has elevated the Vikings multiple times, allowing him to reach the status of Viking Legend.

Buddy Water Vikings 2014

2014 Water Vikings event.

CP Army Headquarters contacted Buddy to find out what led to his return and what he plans for the future.

You’ve been a long-time member of Water Vikings and a previous leader as well. What made you return to lead?

Honestly, the wave of returning members over the past few days inspired me to return once again. I know Aaron and Revan very well as we had led armies together a long time ago. Overall I’m feeling refreshed and ready to give it another go to make WV the strongest army again!

Speaking of all the returning veterans, Revan mentioned an aim to defeat your enemies. Can you let us in on any upcoming plans you all have?

Unfortunately all I can say right now is that we have some stuff in the works and all will be revealed according to a specific schedule.

How are you feeling about the upcoming tournament battle against the Rebel Penguin Federation this Sunday?

Well, I guess there’s no better way to come back than to jump straight into a massive battle! I’m ready to go and excited to be victorious!
Inspired by many returning veterans, Buddy is eager to lead alongside old friends Aaron and Revan. Although Buddy didn’t clarify any plans regarding enemies, he expressed his excitement for their upcoming battle. We look forward to seeing what Buddy and the Vikings have in store for us, and wish them the best in all their future endeavors!

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