Yukon Releases CPPS Source Code; CPA Battleground On The Way?

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – While we itch for a Club Penguin Private Server like Club Penguin Armies: The Game, the creator of a private server called “Yukon,” has released their source code. What does this mean for the development of CPA Battleground?

For those unfamiliar with technical terms, the “source code” of websites is the HTML and Javascript that make it up. Until January 2021, the source code used for private servers came directly from people who managed to find the original Club Penguin elements. Developers, then, remade some elements to fit their purposes and released servers that used Adobe Flash. January 2021 eliminated the use of Flash, as all browsers stopped supporting it in favor of HTML5. HTML5 is generally lightweight, faster, and less time to render sites than Flash.

For this reason, both Adobe and browsers stopped providing updates to the software. The lack of Flash doomed most private servers, as developers rushed to switch to HTML5. Unfortunately, very few people were able to provide help continuously to CPArmies and most armies instead switched to CP Rewritten. CPRewritten seemed to be an endless choice since few servers with add-item commands were given updates. Superhero123 started work on CPA Battleground soon after CPArmies shut down.

CP Battleground Sneak Peek

Sneak peek of CP Battleground from Sept. 2021

Development of Yukon started in October 2020, and beta testing began on January 1, 2022. Throughout most of January, people reported bugs to the developers. Finally, on January 25, 2022, Yukon ended beta testing and open-sourced code for the client, CPPS, and all assets. Now, any private servers that need add-item commands can use existing code to continue development. In the context of CPA Battleground, the game might release sooner than we initially expected.

Yukon Admin announcing the beta release

CP Army Headquarters successfully reached out to Superhero123 on what this news means for CPA Battleground.

With Yukon releasing a beta suddenly, is it possible to see CP Battleground much sooner?

The release of Yukon wasn’t sudden, we (cpps devs) all knew it was gonna be released around this time :P. The release of Yukon is extremely important for the future of the CPPS community as a whole, it makes the process of building a CPPS way less time-demanding and many new servers are definitely going to appear now. Increased competition in the CPPS scene is expected in the near future. As for CPAB, it allows the project to come to reality and its perhaps the first time I can say with confidence that it is going to be released in the near future yes.

Will there be any significant difference between CPAB and CPA: The Game?

The game will feel a bit differently, the animations are going to be much smoother (similar to CPR). Minigames will also probably be sadly lacking in the initial release. However a designer team has been assembled and you can expect plenty of custom rooms and items getting progressively added to the game, which is also due to HTML5 making the custom graphics process much easier. Our designers can now just use Photoshop, they don’t have to use Adobe Flash which is a really outdated piece of software few people are familiar with nowadays. Regarding commands, the goal is to implement all commands that were available in CPATG before CPAB’s release.

Is there currently any potential release date for CPAB?

At the moment no, but it would be a huge surprise if it isn’t ready in time for this year’s Legends Cup. Hopefully it will open much sooner though.

As with other private servers, will there be public testing first, or will CPAB be thoroughly tested for all bugs upon full release?

CPAB will go through the whole closed Alpha -> public Alpha -> public Beta -> release process. The time period I mentioned before is for full release.

As Superhero123 told us, the full release of CPA Battleground will happen before June, the month that Legends Cup usually takes place. Before that, users will go onto CPA Battleground; however, the developers will not fully finish the game. We will be able to post bugs that we see until the release. Thankfully, CPA Battleground will be much faster and load smoother than CPA:TG or CPArmies due to HTML5. Custom rooms will also be much easier with HTML, instead of Flash to set images as backgrounds for rooms. HTML allows rooms to be custom-made with ease since designers can create rooms on a separate software then replace the image in HTML, which is much easier than fully editing on the Flash software itself. CPAHQ hopes to see CPA Battleground release with ultimate ease and for us to experience this new CPPS as soon as possible.

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