‘AUSIA Arena: Winter Edition’: Judges Eye

CP REWRITTEN, United Media Headquarters – With the first week of the ‘AUSIA Arena’ almost over, we decided to catch up with the judges and ask what they thought of the battles that they judged.

The Club Penguin Armies Community has witnessed two battles since the beginning of the AUSIA Arena. The first battle of the tournament was between the Water Vikings and the Red Ravagers, with the Water Vikings claiming victory due to Red Ravagers not attending the battle. The second battle was between the People’s Imperial Confederation and the Secret Service, resulting in the Secret Service winning by two rooms to one.

People’s Imperial Confederation vs Secret Service in AUSIA Arena

CP Army United Media was able to interview both DMT and Paddy for the battle they judged, which was between People’s Imperial Confederation and Secret Service in the AUSIA Arena qualifier round:


First of all, what are your thoughts on the battle?

DMT: It was very close! I was excited that I got to judge it because going into it I knew it would be the tightest one that weekend. Both SS and PIC are respectable S/M armies, and they proved it during their fight.

Paddy: Was a close and well fought battle. pic done well with less troops being able to cover and look bigger than SS at times. however due to SS pace and size they won the battle 2-1. props to PIC as they could have easily took the win on this battle

Was there any particular moment/tactic that caught your attention?

DMT: I thought the second room was really interesting because although SS had the size advantage, PIC won that room. As you know, we picked forest because of the party going on, and forest is not often utilized. I think because of that, PICs veteran leadership really shined bright while dealing with that. No discredit to the SS leadership, but PIC were able to put together forms in an unconventional room while SS were not, and thats what really swung the judges in favor of PIC for that room. Altogether, they were just more organized as an army in the forest.

Paddy: We used the forest for room 2 as it’s spacious due to the new party, however a lot of people got caught out by the exits in the room which was quite funny

Do you feel like both armies could have done better? If yes, how?

DMT: For SS, I think they could have been better organized. They had a decent size advantage which really helped them to secure two out of the three rooms, but their formations were oftentimes lacking. Not just being too spaced out or too bunched, but the choice of formation too. Like, in the third room (stadium), they chose to do a vertical line while they were at a +4 advantage. At that point of the battle- and at that point of the room, they should’ve been focused on using that size to cover PIC. Thats not gonna happen with a vertical line. Now with PIC, besides just saying “get bigger”, I think they could work on their speed. It does seem like at times they prioritized organization over speed, which isn’t always a bad thing, but their were moments where they looked lazy and dull compared to SS. SS fired off more tactics than them and were usually first to initiate formation changes. When you’re the smaller army, you have to make the other leaders think quick on their feet, and I think PIC left some to be desired in that department.

Paddy: Hmmmm they both did very well. But forms from both armies could have been better throughout the battle

While judging, what was the most thing you enjoyed about that battle?

DMT: I enjoyed the different styles each army applied to the battle. Like I said previously, PIC were more methodical throughout the battle, while SS’s approach kind of felt more free, if that makes sense. They both excelled at what they were doing, so it was interesting to see in each room which army had the upper hand. In a traditional room like stadium that has been strategized to hell and back, SS were able to take care of business. But in a more unorthodox room like the forest, PICs controlled style was a big benefit to them. Also, I’d be remiss to not mention that I love any battle that goes to the underground pool. It’s my favorite room to judge and should be used more in battles!

Paddy: Enjoyed judging the battle and enjoyed judging a battle that was so close and not a walk-over

Finally, is there anything you would like to say for both armies after this battle?

DMT: Sidie9 payed me 100 dollars to rig the battle for PIC but I double crossed her. Take that, cheaters! #cancelsidie9

Paddy: Wish SS all the best the in quarter finals and fair play to pic for giving them a run for their money

According to both Judges, it was a very tactical battle, strategically led by both armies, However, our armies will need to step up their game to secure their places in the semi-finals. Nonetheless, United Media wits Secret Service all the best for the next round.

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