‘The Pochoma Trophy’ Art Competition: Results

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – The results of the ‘Pochoma Trophy’ Art Competition are here… but who was crowned the winner with their incredible artwork?

Just over two weeks ago the CP Army HQ launched an Art Competition, named after the iconic graphic designer Pochoma123. With over a dozen entries, it was fantastic to see so many different forms of art being submitted – be that hand drawing, a graphic drawing, or even crocheted! The judging panel consisted of three talented artists: Dino, Frostty, and Revan. They were overwhelmed by the talent, but had the difficult task of narrowing the submissions down to just three. We are proud to present our winner and two runner-ups below.


Third Place: Haleyy

Custom colored Discord role, picture perms & 20K bot money

The Ghost of Armies Past


Second Place: Ivy/Otter

Custom colored Discord role, picture perms & 30K bot money

CP Army HQ Reporter


First Place: Misty

A vanity trophy, Discord Nitro, early access to CPA Battleground, Discord Role with custom color of choice + custom icon, picture perms & 50K bot money

A crocheted Water Viking


Thank you to everyone that entered this competition, and a huge congratulations to our winner, Misty, and runner-ups Ivy & Haleyy.

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