New Templars Plan: People’s Imperial Confederation Transfer their Empire to the Templars

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – On the first week of the AUSIA Arena tournament, the People’s Imperial Confederation transferred all of their nations to the Templars. What is the reason behind this transfer? How does this transfer benefit both armies?

On the 22nd of January, the People’s Imperial Confederation announced that they will be transferring their whole empire to the Templars. They also stated that this transfer will help them avoid any upcoming war declared by the Water Vikings against them. Even though the Templars are currently in an active war against the Bose DK Warriors army, it was agreed by both armies that this Nation Transfer doesn’t break any War terms.

People’s Imperial Confederation Transfer their lands to the Templars

People’s Imperial Confederation was created in October 2019 by Sidie9 and Proditor. The army has always been active in the Club Penguin Armies community and has been a part of many great battles and wars, like them joining the Vengeance Alliance during World War VIII. They have also participated in many army events and Tournaments like the recent New Year Bonanza and the AUSIA Arena.

People’s Imperial Confederation vs Secret Service in AUSIA Arena

Templars of Club Penguin was created on April 4th of 2018 by Xing. The Templars are well known for being one of the current strongest major armies in the community. Standing at the top of the top ten armies list, they have participated in many tournaments and recently won the New Year Bonanza. They have also fought wars against the Water Vikings and the Silver Empire in late 2021. Only recently they have declared war against Bose DK Warriors.

Templars most recent Invasion against Bose DK Warriors

CPAHQ was able to reach out to both armies’ leaders for their thoughts on this transfer:

Xing, Templars Emperor:

Shallissa, PIC’s Commander-in-Chief: Although we continue to stand strong as always, Cabin’s upcoming retirement is a huge loss for PIC as he has been very involved in our army for a long time now. More than anything PIC wants to focus on the needs of our troops while we work to rebuild our morale and have fun events for our army. We had no plans to go to war anytime soon (sorry Aaronstone), so after the WV and TCP treaty situation, we simply felt that at this time Templars had more use for the servers than we did. Xing had very recently expressed interest in vacationing with Lord Pain at the Mar-a-Lago, so PIC leadership figured we might as well just transfer our land so we don’t have to worry about paying the resort bills this year (the White House used to pay them). The transfer seemed to be the best move for both PIC and TCP and we’re happy we can now put our sole focus into the happiness of our members.

From the conversation above, it seems that this transfer of land had many reasons – one of the obvious being the People’s Imperial Confederation’s attempt to avoid any kind of conflict and declaration of war against the army, and given what Shallissa said, it seems that the army will be focusing on its internal growth and affairs for the time being. One can only wait and see what will happen in the future regarding this.

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