Get to Know Your Staff of CPAHQ- Beasto, Youtuber

KLONDIKE CP Army Headquarters – In this edition of Getting to Know Your Staff of CPAHQ, I have chosen Beasto to interview. Currently, they are our only YouTuber. What got him to start his Youtube career for the club penguin army community?

This week, I have chosen Beasto to interview for this edition of “Get to Know Your Staff of CPAHQ”.

Beasto joined the army community by being recruited as a member of the Help Force. He didn’t know what a Club Penguin army was until they had explained to him what it was. Beasto eventually started to attend their events for about a month then left. On April 30th, he had joined back in Help Force, becoming more active and climbing the ranks.

Between May and June, Beasto was promoted to staff in training. Soon after, on July 28th he became a 5th-in-Command until he stepped down in December.

Later on that year, he thought of becoming a Youtuber for the Club Penguin army community, along with being a reporter and a moderator. Sometime in December, Beasto joined Silver Empire, working his way up the ranks. He currently is training to become a staff member.

I was able to get a hold of Beasto for his thoughts on what it’s like on being a Youtuber for the community.

What’s it like being a Youtuber for CPAHQ?

Well, being a YouTuber is already fun because I started as a YouTuber in HF, I learned how to do a lot of stuff like editing, designing, all these kinda stuff,. So it’s fun to add new stuff every time, especially since it’s always been my dream to be YouTuber, so CPA has given me the opportunity to be a YouTuber.

What made you decide on becoming a YouTuber for Club Penguin armies?

Well, I have always dreamt of becoming a gaming YouTuber cuz I had many editing skills as well but sadly due to in real life problem i couldn’t, and so i saw being a YouTuber in CPA a great opportunity, especially that CPA is low on YouTubers sadly.

Do you have any favorite memories from any Club Penguin army videos that you have done?

Oh yea, I do, I made a trailer video for the Help Force, and it actually got so many good reviews and so many views, it made me so proud and I still am proud of it til today :))

Where do you see yourself in the near future with this career?

Well, I don’t know, to be honest, I think I will have to focus on other things as well in the CPA community, the youtube thing will keep going, I will just try to improve the channel more, I still have lots of ideas to add, maybe make a CPA Trailer that includes all current active armies.

What do you think you would be doing if you didn’t become a Youtuber for the army community?

Oh I actually never thought of that, but since you asked now hmm, maybe I would have kept ranking in HF and would have become an army leader there, cause leading an army is definitely fun, I wanna try it one day, or maybe I could have become a judge or maybe a designer for the CPAHQ community, or maybe made my own army, though that will need so much work, and I don’t think I have time to start from scratch hahaha, or maybe just retired like a normal person who finished their time in CPA and just moved on after that.

It looks as though Beasto has thought of becoming a Youtuber for the army community for a while now. Beasto seems to currently enjoy his position, and his hard work never goes unnoticed. We wish him good luck in all his future endeavors!

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