Fire Warriors Attempt to Invade; The Ninjas Fight Back

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – On January 20th, the Fire Warriors scheduled an invasion on the Wild Ninjas’ capital. What led the Fire Warriors to this decision and what will action will both armies take next?

On January 20th, the Fire Warriors decided to schedule an invasion of the server 36, the Wild Ninjas‘ capital. Subsequently, the Ninjas scheduled a counter-invasion a few hours after the Warriors’ move. However, there have been no declarations of war posted from either side. Along with the absent declarations and no free-land remaining, neither army has shown any hostility towards each other to insinuate further conflict arising.

Fire Warriors Leader, Sweater, scheduling their invasion against Wild Ninja’s Capital

Wild Ninjas was created on February 12th 2016, by Alex42152, Legiso, Felixstuard, Mysyery89, and Danpengui. On December 26th 2021, the Ninjas revived for their fourth generation under the leadership of Amelia, Krex, and Fire. They are primarily a Spanish/Portuguese army with a strong history in the SMAC Top Ten. The Ninjas partook in various tournaments, most notably ending up as the runner ups of the Hunt and Kill Tournament in 2017.

A recent Wild Ninjas event

The Fire Warriors were created in August of 2007 by Wwe09. Since their creation, the Warriors have seen many generations and rebrands, but ultimately persevered through them all. On December 4th 2021, the Fire Warriors made yet another comeback under the leadership of Sweater, Ugly, and Rach. The new generation has already seen achievements such as becoming the Small/Medium winners of the New Year Bonanza.

A recent Fire Warriors event

CP Army Headquarters has reached out to Rach and Krex, who are the leaders of the Warriors and the Ninjas respectively. Both leaders provided the following statements regarding the invasions and what their next next course of action may be.

Rach: Basically, we want to grow our territory and felt it was the perfect opportunity to do so. As of what our next steps are that it classified information, but I can say that it’ll have people shaking in their boots

Krex: Well, basically we are looking for a strategic sense and equality. We had the server reserved, they started invading and we responded. We do not see a war as necessary since they are server issues and nothing against Fire Warriors, but it does not mean that in the future we will not change our minds

From the statements, it is clear that these invasions are strictly strategic and nothing more. However, tensions could arise and the situation may change after they battle it out for their land. If the Wild Ninjas fail to defend their land, they will be subjected to a force treaty. This might cease any further conflict from occurring or might even lead to a future war. What are your thoughts? Do you think the Wild Ninjas will defend their land successfully, thus continuing the conflict? CPAHQ will keep you updated on any further development.

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