‘AUSIA Arena: Winter Edition’: Qualifier Round Predictions

CP REWRITTEN, United Media Headquarters – The exciting ‘AUSIA Arena’ Tournament is only hours away and the armies’ preparations are in full swing. Eleven armies have signed up, but which will make it through the qualifying round to form the Top 8? Let’s hear where the Army Community’s predictions lie!

The ‘AUSIA Arena: Winter Edition’ will commence this Saturday, on January the 22nd. Three of the eleven armies are required to participate in a Qualifier Round to determine who earns a spot in the first round. All tournament info can be found in the following post: ‘AUSIA Arena: Winter Edition’: Announcement & Qualifier Round Information

With the AUSIA Arena being the first AUSIA Tournament in two years, the predictions vary. Whose AUSIA division will surprise the community? What outcomes did the community predict for the upcoming qualifiers?


Water Vikings vs. Red Ravagers

The tournament kick-off is planned for Saturday, January 22nd, as the Water Vikings face the Red Ravagers. The Water Vikings have recently shown a constant presence in the weekly Top Tens and even earned the 6th spot in the 2021 Top Ten Listings. Although the Red Ravagers rejoined the Top Ten only recently, could they still surprise the Vikings and the community? Let’s see what the community predicts.

A recent Water Vikings’ event

DMT, CPAHQ Administration: Water Vikings (3-0-0)

Iceyfeet, CPAN Board: Water Vikings (3-0-0)

Spotty, CPAHQ Associate Director: Water Vikings (3-0-0)

F6sixer, CPAN Board: Water Vikings (3-0-0)

Vanish, CPAHQ Administration: Water Vikings (3-0-0)

Aaron, CPAN Board: Water Vikings (3-0-0)

Xing, TCP Leader: Water Vikings (3-0-0)

Wynn, HF Leader: Water Vikings (3-0-0)

Jesus, ACP Leader: Water Vikings (3-0-0)


People’s Imperial Confederation vs. Secret Service

Sunday, January 23rd, sees the close rivals Secret Service and the People’s Imperial Confederation go head to head. The latest Top Tens show both armies fighting for the 9th spot, where the Secret Service holds a slight size advantage. With the Celts recently merging into the Secret Service, might they have the upper hand in this battle? What does the community think?

A recent Secret Service event

DMT, CPAHQ Administration: Secret Service (3-0-0)

Iceyfeet, CPAN Board: People’s Imperial Confederation (3-0-0)

Spotty, CPAHQ Associate Director: Secret Service (2-0-1)

F6sixer, CPAN Board: People’s Imperial Confederation (1-0-2)

Vanish, CPAHQ Administration: Secret Service (2-1-0)

Aaron, CPAN Board: People’s Imperial Confederation (2-1-0)

Xing, TCP Leader: Secret Service (1-1-1, win by OT)

Wynn, HF Leader: People’s Imperial Confederation (2-1-0)

Jesus, ACP Leader: Secret Service (2-0-1)


Silver Empire vs. Mercenaries

The last battle of the qualifiers will take place on Friday, January 28th, where the newly opened Mercenaries will duel the Silver Empire. The Mercenaries show promise with their recent opening, but can they tame the war-experienced Silver Empire? After all, the Silvers bravely spent the latter half of 2021 battling the Help Force, Red Ravagers, and even the Templars. Who does the community predict to take the win?

A recent Silver Empire event

DMT, CPAHQ Administration: Silver Empire (2-1-0)

Iceyfeet, CPAN Board: Silver Empire (3-0-0)

Spotty, CPAHQ Associate Director: Silver Empire (3-0-0)

F6sixer, CPAN Board: Silver Empire (3-0-0)

Vanish, CPAHQ Administration: Silver Empire (2-1-0)

Aaron, CPAN Board: Silver Empire (2-1-0)

Xing, TCP Leader: Silver Empire (2-0-1)

Wynn, HF Leader: Silver Empire (3-0-0)

Jesus, ACP Leader: Silver Empire (2-1-0)


While the predictions show little variation in two of the battles, the second SS-PIC qualifier battle promises to keep us on our toes. The Arena will surely hold some surprises, as all armies prepare their often overlooked AUSIA divisions for battle. Who will fight their way to the first round? Who do you see as the final victor? Let us know your thoughts!

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