Short Stories: The Pizza Dough Monster

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – Our first short story by Columnist Zay features an Elite Penguin Agency under pressure from a terrifying yet cheesy pizza dough monster.

Somewhere on the Club Penguin island, a detective organisation existed under the name of the Elite Penguin Agency. They worked undercover to solve the biggest mysteries that came around. If there was a mystery, they called them to help solve it. Their leader, known as Zay, was the head of the EPA. Zay was exceptionally great at their job, and everyone knew it. Being a detective grew into a passion that they brought with them for their entire life. Being the head commander of the EPA was a very big deal; leading the agency meant working with the government and being under their command as a whole.

Zay’s casual stroll through the office was interrupted by a ringing sound that came from the telephone that sat on their desk. They dashed over to their overseer room and picked up. “Elite Penguin Agency, how may we be of service to you?” The head commander said, speaking in a passive voice to whoever was on the other end. “Yes, I definitely need your help out here!” The caller exclaimed in a tone of worry. “I don’t know what happened, but this m-monster came out of the oven made out of pizza dough. You’ll have to see it to believe it, but please hurry!” Zay couldn’t respond in time before hearing a buzzing noise. The caller had hung up after the panic call.

“Sounds like a job for the EPA,” Zay thought to themselves, leaving their office to round up a squadron. Zay entered a gadget room, private only to the eyes of the leaders of each squadron that was formed. The leader was leading a group called the Jackals. He stood firm and got to the point with his plan for the operation. “Don’t mind the title I gave it ahead of you,” he started off. “I thought it would fit.” The whiteboard was filled with scribbles of the plan as the leader explained how he was going to do the operation. “First off, we need to safely evacuate all the patrons, quickly without chaos. We’ll try to lure the monster away from causing any danger before we attempt to capture it. If all goes well, free pizza for everyone.”

Zay chuckled at the conclusion. “Nothing’s better than free pizza. You are clear to move forward with your plan, good sir.” The leader nodded and left to call the rest of his squad. An automated voice played a message throughout the facility. “All Jackal squad members, please report to the departure dock.” Multiple soldiers were leaving their offices and rushed over to the departure dock. At that place, they would be gearing up and heading out in squad vans. “Come on everyone, we have a job to do!” The leader cried.

Meanwhile, the citizens inside of the Pizza Parlor were ducked behind overturned tables and hiding underneath booths as the pizza dough monster stomped around, viciously roaring. “Me want more food!” It exclaimed in anger. The monster wasn’t happy at all, and nobody knew how to tame the creature that had formed out of pizza dough. And suddenly, the Elite Penguin Agency squads arrived! They immediately got out of the vans, essential tools in hand, and prepared to fight the pizza dough monster. “Watch out, guys. This one isn’t the friendliest thing we’ve dealt with.” Zay warned the Jackals. The most important thing was moving on with the first step of the plan. The safety of the citizens was a top priority. “Attention everyone,” the leader cried out over the trembling steps of the pizza dough monster. “We are the Jackals from the EPA. Follow our instructions so we can get you guys to safety!”

The citizens panicked and tried to stay calm to escape the Pizza Parlor. A few other members tried to keep the pizza dough monster away while the citizens fled the scene from many exits, such as the windows and the doorway and, in an odd manner, through some air vents. It didn’t matter as long as the citizens got to safety. “All the citizens have fled the scene, you are clear to engage the pizza dough monster!” The leader commanded the Jackals, turning their attention to the big monster that had formed by a strange origin. “Has anybody seen the manager?” One of the soldiers asked. The rest of the Jackal squad shook their heads in response. “I didn’t see him at all, which means he’s still somewhere in the building!” Now that added one extra step to the mission. The manager had to be rescued before attacking the monster could really happen.

”Search for him and get him out of there!” Zay told the leader through the radio. “If we lose control of the pizza dough thing, this mission is blown! And that means no free pizza. And a lower pay for me.” One of the squad members searched the kitchen for the manager, and did end up finding him…stuck inside of a blob of pizza dough on the wall! “Thank the puffles you’re here!” He cried in relief. “That monster’s being a real hassle for my restaurant. Please stop it!” The squad member began trying to get the pizza dough blob off of the wall, and freed the manager. “Get out of here immediately and don’t return until we say it’s clear to come out!” The squad member replied.

Now it was time to go after the pizza monster. The team began jumping around the place, evading the monster, and tried attacking. The leader grabbed a chair to slam into the creature’s gooey texture only for it to stick to its arm and absorb into its giant body. “I know that’s gonna look like a joke in the media.” The leader groaned in defeat after seeing the monster stand untouched by the chair. “Move out of the way, guys!” Zay said, having arrived at the scene to help the Jackals. Since they wouldn’t be able to do it alone, they had to improvise. They came in rushing through the doors and threw a pizza pan that sliced through its arm. The pan slammed off the back of the wall and sliced through its body, causing it to fall shorter.

“I knew we were getting free pizza,” the Jackals leader exclaimed. “You guys know what to do now; grab anything that can cut through the pizza dough and it’s all going into the oven!” The squad members followed suit, throwing pizza pans, knives, and whatever could cut through the texture to take down the monster. The monster stood defenseless against the Jackals and their clever ideas. “Keep going guys, we’re almost there!” Zay motivated the Jackals to keep fighting. The pizza dough monster was shrinking into almost nothing at all. And then, the Jackals succeeded with their plan, and the monster was nothing but multiple blobs of pizza dough. “Mission accomplished.” The leader said.

Shortly after the battle was over, the manager met with Zay and the Jackals outside of the Pizza Parlor. “I cannot thank you guys enough for your service.” He said in relief of the monster being taken down. “You’re more than welcome. You also don’t gotta mind all the pizza everyone’s getting. It’s complimentary on us,” Zay replied, nodding with a salute to the Pizza Parlor manager as he smiled. Just like that, another mission was completed. Another day had ended and the Elite Penguin Agency swung by to save the day when trouble erupted. The island always felt at peace to know that the EPA was always watching. Maybe it won’t be the last time the Jackals fight a pizza dough monster?


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