Night Warriors Return Disrupted By Connection Issues

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – The Night Warriors have made their official return to the community under the leadership of army legend and controversial figure Epic101.

The army community just witnessed the revival of the Night Warriors. On January 15th, the Night Warriors held their return event, which was also a battle against the Templars. They managed to peak at 18 penguins before cancelling the battle, citing connection issues with CP Rewritten.

Despite not being able to log on, their respectable maximum size at this event saw them achieve 10th in the most recent edition of the Top Ten Armies. They came in just 0.5 points behind the 9th placing Secret Service, and just over a point behind the 8th position army, the Fire Warriors. This achievement is sure to spur them on in future weeks as they slowly re-integrate with the community.

Leader Epic101 spoke exclusively with the CP Army HQ team and revealed he is interested in taking part in the March Madness community tournament, which has been slated to begin the first week of March. He also disclosed that for the foreseeable future, the Warriors would only be hosting events at the weekend due to his busy schedule. For now, the Night Warriors leadership will be focusing on recruiting, alongside their Minecraft and Roblox gaming factions.

While the Night Warriors are still yet to register with either of the two leagues current operating – CP Army HQ and CP Army Network – their revival has occurred on the same day as leader Epic re-opens the CP Army Outreach as a solely news organisation. Just like the Army Outreach, could the Night Warriors be staying away from the league aspects of the community and following a policy of isolationism?

But how will the Night Warriors fare in the upcoming weeks? Will their search for a new private server be successful, or will it see them excluded from the rest of the community that solely hosts events and battles on CP Rewritten?

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