New Year Bonanza: Battle Server Information

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – The New Year Bonanza has quickly become January’s most highly anticipated event, and will see eight of the community’s best come to blows in an ultimate showdown. Here is all the information that you need to be aware of ahead of Sunday.

CP Army HQ is thrilled to be hosting the first battle server event of 2022: the New Year Bonanza. This is not the first time that this battle server idea has taken place, with previous events such as the Color Wars and Spring Showdown being similar concepts. This is, however, the first time that one of these events will be judged in such a way, and on this community-wide scale.

The administration have been working extremely hard to nail down the organisation of this event so that is runs swimmingly. Off the back of these planning sessions, we have compiled the following list of question and answers that we hope will clear up any confusion surrounding the event.


When is the New Year Bonanza?

Mark your calendars with the following date and times, as we are just days away from the New Year Bonanza. The battle will of course take place on CP Rewritten, with the server still to be confirmed as we engage in discussions with the CPR admins.

Sunday, January 16th
CP Rewritten: Server to be confirmed
8pm GMT/UK | 3pm EST | 2pm CST | 1pm MST | 12pm PST


Which armies are participating?

We are ecstatic to announce the following eight armies will be participating. Some armies will need to be a different color for this battle, to alleviate confusion for the judges and to ensure the battles are being judged fairly.

  • Templars, in Yellow
  • Help Force, in Blue
  • Water Vikings, in White
  • Special Weapons and Tactics, in Black
  • Silver Empire, in Grey
  • People’s Imperial Confederation, in Purple
  • Fire Warriors, in Orange
  • Mercenaries, in Red


How will the battle server work?

This unique battle server format will see each army fight for 30 minutes across three different battle rooms, encountering different armies in each of the rooms. However, the twist is that no army will know exactly who they are up against until the moment they enter the room.

So, for example: the Water Vikings could encounter the Mercenaries in their first room – the Ice Berg – before coming face-to-face with the Silver Empire in their second room, the Snow Forts. Finally, their third and final room could see them fighting against the Special Weapons and Tactics.


How will the winner be decided? Is there a prize?

Each room will be judged as an individual battle, with a total of three victories possible. The winner will be the army that incurs the most victories. We are ecstatic to be rewarding the winning army with the following prizes:

  • An icon for their army’s Discord role on the CP Army HQ server.
  • A customised pin on CP Battleground when it opens later this year.


Which room should my army start in?

The eight armies will start in the following rooms:

  • Templars: Docks
  • Help Force: Snow Forts
  • Water Vikings: Gift Shop
  • Special Weapons and Tactics: Cove
  • Silver Empire: Beach
  • People’s Imperial Confederation: Night Club
  • Fire Warriors: Everyday Phoning Facility
  • Mercenaries: Pet Shop


How will the event be judged?

The battles will be judged by the CP Army HQ administration and judging team, with affiliations taken into account where possible. We are of course restricted due to the volume of armies that are participating. Therefore, any battles with small-medium armies will have 1 judge, with the battles involving major armies having the usual 3 judges evaluating their performance.

We have created a dedicated Discord category for this event, and will not be using the usual battle-updates channels for judging purposes. Instead, each army will have their own Discord channel, in which their battle rooms will be posted. This should be your one and only point of call throughout the event.


I want to spectate but cannot attend – what do I do?!

If you cannot attend to spectate, but still wish to see these eight armies in our community clash, then do not worry! CP Army HQ’s YouTuber, Beasto, will be recording the entire thing and editing together the highlights from each battle. Once assembled and uploaded, this can be found on the CPAHQ YouTube channel. Our media team will also be in attendance to provide you with their full coverage.


We hope that this battle server is the first of many we get to host this year, as we stay aligned with our new ‘Innovation for the Community‘ mission statement. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact one of our administration.

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  1. Memero January 13, 2022 (4:46 pm)

    I can tell, this will be extremely based for each and every army that is in it.

  2. Fulcrum23 January 14, 2022 (10:38 pm)

    This will be fun!

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