Fire Warriors ‘Recreator’ Sweater Seizes Website From Leadership & Issues Ultimatum

ESTÁS A TOPE, Fire Warriors Empire – Tensions within the Fire Warriors leadership have reached a boiling point, as ‘re-creator’ Sweater seizes the website and asks for former leader AustinFraud to be banned with immediate effect.

December 21st saw Fire Warriors leader and Godfather, Sweater, bow out from his positions in the army. In a short Discord announcement, he stated he no longer had the time nor motivation to stay, and would be handing the control and leadership to Rach, Real, and Pranav, who later hired Ugly as their fourth Commander-in-Chief.

In his administrative statement, Sweater states he has seized complete control of the website and calls upon the leadership to reban AustinFraud. He labels Austin as a liar that cannot be trusted: “He has taken credit for our work and displayed a complete lack of respect.” This comes after the current leadership organised a “secret” group chat with Austin where he was “acting as an unofficial advisor”, going against both Sweater and the advisors of the army.

In our conversations with Fire Warriors leader Ugly, he states that the true cause of conflict was in fact Austin speaking out against Sweater when he insulted the Eclipse leadership. This drama occurred last August and saw Sweater remove Austin from the leadership along with his legend status. Ugly presented his account of the drama that has unfolded most recently:

“Austin wanted to help out FW regardless of the stuff that happened in the past, since the army was in a sh** situation. I told Austin he can maybe advise, but Cassie did not agree because of the stuff that happened in the past, and she’s on Conor’s side of course. I thought there was no harm in getting some additional help, so I decided he can just help us without being an official advisor. Austin gave us many tips as well as helping and suggesting things that would be very helpful through his experience, while Conor still thinking that Austin should be banned for stuff that happened a while back. No hate towards Conor but he should move on really.

However, Pran thought we were betraying Cassie and Conor, so told Conor about it and then Conor then banned him. FW Leader Real unbanned him to join an event that we needed to max 10+, but Conor saw that he was unbanned and made that post.

Conor already retired and left the army for us, if he wants to come back and run things the way he wants then sure. I just want to help FW, and Austin wants to do that as much as I do – am I a bad person for that?”

CP Army HQ have reached out to both AustinFraud and Sweater to understand their perspective of the latest events. We are still waiting for a response from Sweater.

Why is Sweater so against you being unbanned and holding an advisor position within the Fire Warriors?

Austin: “To be honest I have no idea, I think it’s because of the stuff that happened months ago. I got angry at him for messing up someone’s mental health and he threw a tantrum because of it. I tired to fix things up back then but it got worse I guess. But I haven’t done anything to him ever since this new generation was revived.”

Do you think it was wrong for the leadership to go behind Sweater’s back to organise the group chat & have you as their unofficial advisor?

Austin: “Me not being allowed to be hired was all because of his grudge against me. It’s not going behind his back if he’s not leading or being an “Acting Godfather” He didn’t listen to the leaders reasonings. I saw FW’s dire state and purely wanted to help them out because I love the army. And the leaders know that. I don’t have a grudge on Sweater or anything, i just don’t like the childish things he does.”


At present time, Austin has been re-banned by leader Ugly and the leadership are awaiting Sweater to add them back to the website. CP Army HQ have been told the “leadership are very unhappy right now” – so is this the end of the drama, or could there be more to come? Should Sweater have got involved, or left the affairs of the army to the current leadership? 

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