A Sudden Change: The Tundra Union Armed Forces Reschedule Their Revival

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – At the start of 2022, the Tundra Union Armed Forces leader announced the rescheduling of the army’s revival. Why did they reschedule the army’s revival? What other plans do they have for the army?

On December 21st, Tundra Union Armed Forces leader, Zayyy, announced a pre-planned revival date, scheduled for the first week of January 2022. However, at the start of the new year, a sudden turn of events led to the rescheduling of the army’s revival to a later date.

TUAF rescheduling revival

The Tundra Union Armed Forces were created on July 4th, 2021 by Zayyy. Zayyy would go on to lead independently throughout their opening event, in which they maxed a total of six.  They also hosted some events and practice battles with the Medieval Warriors.

TUAF opening Event

CP Army Headquarters was able to reach out to Tundra Union Armed Force leader Zayyy, about their thoughts on the rescheduling of the army’s revival:

Why did you decide to reschedule the Tundra Union Army Force revival?

I believe that the revival came a little too soon. The announcement came so quickly to get the army put back together and really left me and what was brought back underprepared. I think we went too fast with the revival plans and ended up derailing off track.

What are your plans in the club penguin armies community now?

The cancellation of the revival event for our second generation does not mean the TUAF is going away anytime soon. We’re still here to stick around, and in the meantime while I get it together, I’ll be working with some staff to host game nights and fun events for our members to enjoy. Regarding myself as a member of the CPA community, I will continue to remain active within CPAHQ in the media field.

Does that mean Tundra Union Army Force will be back in the future as a CP army?

The TUAF will be back. I can guarantee you now that no matter how long it takes for us, the army will be back and see itself found in the future as a CP army.

Is there any specific time regarding the return of the Tundra Union Army Force?

We may happen to return sometime in March if things go right. That being said, the TUAF will be back soon.

Is there anything else you would like to say to the readers or maybe a piece of advice?

The Tundra Union Armed Forces may not rise now, but we will rise soon.

It seems like Zayyy is preparing the army to return stronger than before, and it would seem that the revival of the army will be very soon. The community can expect to see these familiar faces very soon. What does the future hold for Zayyy and the Tundra Union Army Force? 

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