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KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – 2022 is upon us, and the team here at CP Army HQ are excited to unveil just some of our upcoming plans for the year ahead.

2022 New Years Series Information

The CPAHQ Winter Series recently concluded, with the Templars coming out on top and claiming the first victory in our season-based system.  After reviewing the past month of map competition, the Administration and the Head Judges are excited to detail how the next series will play out.  The New Years Series will begin on Monday, January 3rd and conclude on Saturday, April 30th.  From here on out, the seasons of the map will be broken into three separate fourth-month periods.  Immediately following the release of this post, the current free land servers will be divvied up between armies not on the map.  The leaders of those armies will have one hour to decide if they would like to hold their land and compete in the New Years Series.  If not, the land will revert back to freeland status.  Because of this, invasions are locked from being scheduled until 12:00 AM EST on January 3rd.

The first major change is that the server cap of 25 will be removed completely.  This will allow an army to achieve the feat of owning the entire map.  If an army gets to the point where they own every server, an in-season reset will take place.  Doing so will grant the army a total of 10 bonus points for the league table.  In addition to this, the weekly Top Ten bonus will no longer exist for the army at the top of the league table.  This is for a variety of reasons, but the main goal of this change is to make the map season a long form competition, instead of a weekly one.  Participating armies should focus on gaining points in the league table for the chance to win the season.  Lastly, the order of the league table will determine the draft order for the following season, as the map will always reset at the end of each four month season.


CPAHQ’s One Year Anniversary

This year CPAHQ turns one year old! As part of our celebrations, we are very excited to be hosting a huge party and celebratory event, alongside some special articles and features from our media team.  On Saturday, February 5th, CPAHQ’s anniversary party will take place on Club Penguin, with a host of special anniversary content to boot.  Then, on February 7th– the actual date of the anniversary- expect a post detailing a special CPAHQ tournament to celebrate one year of the Headquarters how the community knows it best: fighting each other!


Art Competition

This January we are excited to support the up and coming graphic designers and artists in the community with an art competition, that will have some awesome prizes up for grabs. The full details for this will be revealed soon, and we are excited to have some expert designers handling the judging process.


CPAHQ Podcast

In an attempt to diversify the content brought forth by CPAHQ, Director in Chief DMT will bravely try his hand at podcasting with the official CPAHQ Podcast.  Once a month, the CPAHQ podcast will surface to sarcastically discuss the latest happenings in the world of armies.  Each episode will be hand crafted in accordance to what happened during the month, featuring special guests and segments that relate to all the latest army hijinks.


Top Five Moments of the Month

Our media team are committed to continue providing excellent quality news coverage and content for your enjoyment. This will include a monthly column – the Top 5 Moments of the Month – that will include a ranking of the moments that made the biggest impact that month. Our staff team will be coming together to vote on this, and you will be able to have you say following publication in the Polls channel on our Discord server.


New Year Bonanza: Battle Server

On Sunday, January 16th, we will be hosting an exciting battle server tournament for all the armies in our community. This unique format will see each army fight for 30 minutes across three different battle rooms, encountering different armies in each of the rooms. However, the twist is that no army will know exactly who they are up against until the moment they enter the room. We will have our judges on hand to judge each of the rooms and establish the victors, as well as the overall winner that will be determined by the army that won the most rooms.


Game Nights

Resident CPAHQ Associate Director Spotty is always up for some good ole’ community engagement!  Every second Friday of each month- at 5 PM EST- will be CPAHQ’s very own community game night, where anyone can participate in a wide range of party games or audience suggested games.  Whether it is a classic like Gartic Phone, or something new, CPAHQ’s monthly game night will be a blast regardless of army allegiances.


Small-Medium Free For All

In our bid to provide even more events to engage the thriving small-medium community, we will be hosting a Free For All battle in late January. This unique format will pit all the small and medium armies against each other in a single battle room, with a team of judges determining a ranking of their performance. Who will come out on top, and who will fall flat?


Still To Come

We’re committed to our new motto, “Innovation for the community” and hope to lead the future for the Club Penguin army community this 2022. Here are just some of the exciting things we have planned for later in the year:

  • Throughout 2022, the CP Army HQ will be supporting for the major traditional tournaments to be hosted once again by the armies involved. We will of course be providing you with our usual coverage and a range of additional content.
  • Pride Month celebrations and Community Parade – mark your calendars for Saturday June 4th!

The CP Army HQ administration would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year. We are extremely excited to be leading the way this 2022 with innovative events and a range of activities to engage everyone.

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