Person of the Year Press Conference with Xing: “In 2022 I will get my revenge”

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – In an exclusive press conference with CP Army HQ, I speak with the Person of the Year himself in his most revealing interview to date. From his reaction to winning one of the most prestigious awards in our community, to his BIA revenge plans in 2022, and how his family have shaped him into becoming the leader and person he is today – we cover it all.


Congratulations on becoming the 2021 Person of the Year! How do you feel to win such a prestigious award?

Feeling normal. There’s much more to accomplish for me. To be completely honest, yes I am somewhat excited. It’s a good achievement yes but there’s more to add. Did I expect to win? Yes. Runner ups are no competition. All losers. If you come behind me you are behind me.

What do you think your biggest achievements are from this year, that contributed to you winning this award?

My biggest achievement is proving everyone wrong. From beating ACP to maxing 50+ even 70+ multiple times in a dead community is worth it. ACP is dead. IW and RPF and nearing it. I say beating ACP because of personal reasons, history, everything. It was a land mark battle for us during the Project: Conquest. One Templar Victory equalled 100 of theirs.

You mentioned the community is dead, do you really believe this and why?

This community is dead because the two “superpowers” max 20-30 on a weekday. When that occurs. Would you say this community is even living? That’s why my army is here to unite the community and help it grow. There will be a call to arms, Max. Not just any. A call to arms to finally heal and fix this hell hole. We want unified judging, we want a unified league, we want people to have normal wars, normal interactions, be proud of the armies that they’re in. What other troops have pride of the army that they’re in other than Templar troops (as seen in Zamb’s recent post). I want everything for the best of this community. Unfortunately some armies distrust us, that’s completely fine. We just would like them to extend a hand and come out.

Some of your toughest critics would argue you don’t deserve this award because of your controversial past and actions, what would you say to them?

Who are you compared to me? What would they need to know? My army speaks for itself. I think I am misunderstood. Everyone who joined Templars from the outside thinks very differently. I offer everyone to spend a week in my army and observe us. And no, I don’t regret anything. Everything I’ve done is leading up to this. I want everyone to know we are out there ready to accept anyone and any army to our cause for a more perfect and united community.

They say a man is only as great as the people he surrounds himself by. Who do you credit with having supported you this year?

All my leaders and troops. Especially, Echo and Racecar. They’ve stuck by me since 2019. Echo has tried and failed many times, but, now, he is succeeding more than ever. Maybe even the best. Their friendship means the world to me. They mean everything to me and everyone around them. My troops are the best, maybe even the greatest. They work so hard and so beautifully – I cannot explain. They all work hard to the same level, that’s why it’s so hard to decide who to promote!

What is next for Xing in 2022? Do you have goals or plans that you wish to achieve?

Isn’t it obvious? Who allowed the BIA to exist this year? It’s time we end that in 2022. Did I fail in 2018 to beat the RPF under Toysoldier? Did I fail to humiliate the BIA recently? I don’t think so. We are the Templars, we are known to do the unthinkable. We are who we say we are. Doesn’t matter what people say, we can do it.

There are rumours of the Templars trying to set up an alliance to take down the BIA, can you confirm or deny this?

I can neither confirm nor deny. The BIA is in the way of our community becoming whole again. I will beat the s*** out the BIA, even if it takes a toll on me. Time wasted from family and friends? Lessened social interaction? That’s fine, I’ll do it.

So why would you want to take them down? What about trying to work with them to unite the community?

Both, I want revenge on them for dividing our community. Through this, unity will be achieved.

Some say that revenge is a raging fire that consumes the arsonist, do you think your goal for revenge against the BIA will do more damage than good?

The arsonist succeeds in his crime. If I do not achieve one goal, I will achieve the other. I’ll do anything and whatever it takes to bring everyone together and get everyone focused. I’ve risked myself for my army and it’s brought me here.

So even if the cost of taking down the BIA is the prosperity of the Templars, it will be worth it?

Who said it would cost our prosperity? It would only cost me. I am the sacrifice. As King Louis XIV said, “I am the state.” Oh well, guess France survived for longer and did better than it had under Louis, they did quite nice under Napoleon. Makes me think, will Race be the Napoleon to my Louis XIV? Maybe Echo will be the De Gaulle to Race’s Napoleon.

Why do you continue to play this game – Club Penguin Armies? What drives you to stay involved with the community despite it being dead?

The drive to make something more perfect. It comes from my mother. My mother has a masters in nursing and always went the extra mile to make sure she came out on top. It passed onto me, it’s a family thing. In real life, she’s always up my butt, like I am with my troops. So I’m always determined to get to my goal no matter the cost. And I’m always comforting and motivating my troops to become better and stronger future leaders.

What would be your advice to anyone reading this right now that one day hopes to follow in your footsteps as a Person of the Year?

Never give up. Why should you care about what anyone says about your army? If they say it’s bad, go out and prove them wrong. Do not sit there being depressed about your army not being large. Take this as a blessing and build up from it.

Whether you love or loathe him, Xing has undoubtedly made his impact on the army community in 2021 and is a deserving winner of the Person of the Year award. But what will 2022 bring for him and the Templars? Will we see more controversy and drama, or will he be able to unite the community like he claims to do?

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  1. Fulcrum23 December 31, 2021 (6:52 pm)

    Xing is the best leader! Love you man!

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