Water Vikings Celebrate 11th Anniversary

NEW FROSTBITE, Water Vikings Capital – Just recently, the community witnessed the Water Vikings celebrate their 11th anniversary. What does the army have in store for the upcoming years?

The Water Vikings were founded on December 28, 2010, by Jed Pen and Zakster, and continue to be one of the oldest major armies existing to date. They are remembered for being the first colonized army to break free of colonization and become bigger than their host army. The army has gone through multiple generations but continues to stand strong, even after a decade. In the month of October, they participated in Champions Cup VI, and emerged victorious in the tournament. Earlier, they have participated in tournaments like Legends Cup X where they made it to the Quarter-Final Round but unfortunately lost to the Dark Warriors, and Christmas Chaos, where they made it to the second round. Apart from this, they have participated in March Madness, where they made it to the Quarter-Finals again, and Fright or Fight, where they, unfortunately, lost in the first round. They have also been a part of the Project: Conquest, where they came second, but dropped out. In recent times, they have been a part of  World War VIII, as the Western Bloc with their allies, the Silver Empire, and the Special Weapons and Tactics

Water Vikings celebrate their 11th anniversary.

On December 28th, 2021 the Water Vikings celebrated their 11th anniversary. They logged onto Club Penguin Rewritten and maxed a total of 42 penguins who showed up to celebrate. The current generation of the Water Vikings had some familiar faces come to the occasion as well. The later part of the event also saw the Vikings engage in a fun practice battle with their allies, the Ice Warriors after which both the armies headed to the Ski Lodge, to play Find Four.

Water Vikings and Ice Warriors in a fun practice battle.

The Club Penguin Army HQ had the opportunity to talk to KingFunks4 and Aaronstone on their thoughts of Water Viking’s 11th-anniversary.

Congratulations on reaching 11 years old! What does the Water Vikings legacy mean to you?

KingFunks4 –  The Water Vikings have stood the test of time, and to make it 11 years on from our creation is outstanding. The fact that the current leadership challenges established armies such as RPF, IW, ACP, etc. shows that the Water Vikings have a true legacy that stands them as one of the best in CP Army History. When I think of the armies’ legacy I look back fondly on the 2014-16 period when we reached multiple tournament finals (e.g. Legends Cup and Christmas Chaos) and were continuously at the top of the top ten. The army does not always get the respect it deserves, and I truly believe that they are up there as one of the most successful armies in the communities history. I am glad that the current generation is doing the past proud they are defying expectations and doing outstandingly well to continue to be among the top five armies around. Hopefully, the army will continue to flourish for many years to come because they are unique and a household name that should be respected forever.

Aaronstone– Thanks, reaching 11 years is an amazing accomplishment and leading such a historical army that has had so many legends in it such as Funks Change Bepboy Dash, etc has been one of the biggest honors of my career. WV is an amazing army and I think that it’s criminally underrated. We have had some iconic moments in the communities history. I’m glad that I can be a part of its history.

Water Vikings win Champions’ Cup, 2021.


It seems that Aaronstone and Kingfunks4 are grateful for how the Water Vikings have turned out so far, for over the past decade. As one of the oldest armies celebrates 11 years of their existence, it only instills hope and the spirit of continuing despite all hardships in the army community. We cannot wait to see what the future has in store for the Water Vikings and wish them good luck in all their endeavors and ventures.

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    Happy Anniversary WuhVee!

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