2021 End Of The Year Awards

Snowstorm, CP Army Network HQ – As 2021 draws to a close, the board of CP Army Network is proud to introduce the 2021 End Of The Year Awards to commemorate all the achievements made by individuals and armies last year.


2021 has been quite an eventful year for the CPA community – from the end of Flash to numerous wars and community run tournaments, we’ve seen it all. Through these awards, CPAN seeks to honor and highlight the achievements of individuals and armies who’ve made an impact on the community.

The Voting Process

Traditionally, CPA awards are given on the basis of a community wide vote and staying true to this spirit, this year too, CPAN will be holding a community wide vote for all the award categories shown below. The voting will use a public ballot via a Google Form. At the end of the voting period, the nominee(s) with the highest number of votes will be declared as the winner.


2021 End Of The Year Awards

Most Achieved

Every year, a select few individuals go above and beyond their call of duty and leave a lasting impact on the community. Their efforts not only helped their army achieve success but also helped shape the community for the better. Thereby, these individuals have ascended to the pinnacle of the army community. Who do you think had the most impactful career, thereby proving themselves to be the most achieved, in 2021?

  • Barnito/Vedant
  • DMT
  • Iceyfeet1234
  • F6sixer
  • Xing

Best Major Army

Major armies are known for their sizes and ability to influence CPA politics and conflicts, and their ability to win major tournaments. This highly sought after award is given to the major army which has managed to stand out from its peers by virtue of their success, consistency and impact of the community! Which army do you think exemplifies the best of CPA in 2021?

  • Army of Club Penguin*
  • Ice Warriors
  • Help Force
  • Rebel Penguin Federation
  • Templars
  • Water Vikings

* ACP was a major army for over 6 months of 2021 and as a result we’re considering them to be a major army for the awards

Best Small/Medium Army

While smaller than their Major army counterparts, S/M armies are still serious contenders in their own right. Many of our nominees became or came close to becoming Major Armies albeit only for a short while during the summer. Their sudden rise, especially in the summer of 2021, saw the emergence of new conflicts and struggles for territories on the CPAN map and made a name for themselves. Which of these armies do you think deserve to be called the best S/M army?

  • Fire Warriors
  • Golden Troops
  • People’s Imperial Confederation
  • Red Ravagers
  • Secret Service
  • Silver Empire
  • Smart Penguins
  • Special Weapons and Tactics

Best Leader

The hallmark of a great leader is the ability to put the interest of their army ahead of their own. Such an individual leads by example, empathize with their troops, and inspire them to work hard for the betterment of their army. A great leader has the ability to revolutionize their army and help it reach its fullest potential, thereby propelling it to great heights. The following individuals have gone above and beyond for their respective armies and ensured their success in 2021. Which one of them do you think has had the most significant impact on their army?

Note: This award is split into two sub categories namely, Best Major Army Leader and Best S/M Army Leader

Major Army Nominees
  • CSY*
  • Max*
  • Barnito/Vedant
  • Ayan
  • Nell
  • Flamez
  • Kally
  • LawCorazon
  • Elexonck
  • F6sixer
  • Xing
  • Racecar04
  • Echo
  • Aaronstone
  • Revan
  • Misty

* During the leadership of CSY and Max, ACP was classified as a Major Army

S/M Army Nominees
  • Amber/Electrumm
  • Coolguy
  • Mare
  • Sidie
  • Shalissa
  • DMan64w
  • DF44
  • BoMoBuddy
  • Mermaid Bri
  • Sweater
  • AustinFraud


The High Command, or HCOM in armies are the future leaders of the community. They each play an important role within their respective army as they have made it up the ranks and are inches away from achieving the final rank of ‘Leader’. The following individuals have gone above and beyond for their each of their armies, and have supported their leaders throughout 2021 to help shape their army into what it is today. Which one of them do you think has had the most significant impact on their army?

  • Freedomist
  • Levelz
  • Crisy
  • Kristina
  • Link3000
  • Moon
  • Yodabobobo
  • z3ming
  • Faiththeunicorn
  • Roxy
  • Darci
  • Oreo
  • Pydro
  • Fulcrum
  • Nicky
  • Krosive
  • Joe
  • Rooboo
  • Mayathefirst

Best Tournament

Tournaments have the capacity to hype up the army community with fun high intensity battles and match ups that might otherwise never be seen. It provides an unbiased space to armies to prove that they are better than their competition.  2021 saw the return of fan favorite tournaments and even a few from the original CPA era. Which one did you enjoy the most? Which one would like to see again in 2022?

  • March Madness
  • Legends Cup XI
  • Challengers Cup 2
  • Champions Cup VI
  • Christmas Chaos XI

Best War

CP Armies are in a constant state of flux with armies battling one another in single and multi pronged wars to establish their superiority, gain territories and assert their dominance in the community. 2021 saw several such conflicts and while some were short lived others lasted for well over a month. The CPAN map saw large swathes of land changing hands very often during the late summer and early fall months. Which of these wars do you think highlighted the most intense rivalry(ies) in CPA? Which war do you think had the most high voltage clashes?

  • World War VIII
  • Templars vs SWAT
  • Templars vs Water Vikings
  • Army of Club Penguin vs Doritos of Club Penguin
  • People’s Imperial Confederation vs Post Malone Army
  • Smart Penguins vs Golden Troops

Biggest Retirement

2021 saw the retirement of several individuals who had a significant impact on CPA during the later half of 2020/early 2021. Their presence as army leaders/administrators will be sorely missed.  Which of these nominees retirement was the most shocking?

  • CSY
  • Barnito/Vedant
  • LawCorazon
  • Crazzy
  • Legoman

Defining Moment Of The Year

2021 was the year of quite a few firsts – we saw the first publicly available and functional HTML5 Club Penguin Private Server (CPPS), the first community organized Pride Parade and the first community run Legends Cup and Christmas Chaos tournaments. If you had to choose one moment that’d define Club Penguin Armies in 2021, which of the following would it be?

  • End of Flash and the birth of HTML5 CPPSes
  • Community Pride Parade
  • Community run major inter army tournaments (LCXI and CCXI)
  • Creation of Club Penguin Army Network and reintroduction of the server map
  • World War VIII

Most Controversial Moment

CPA is practically synonymous with controversy. Last year saw innumerable such controversies however the following nominees had the most significant impact. Which of these moments do you think is the most shocking incident of the year?

  • March Madness – RPF and Help Force pull out of CPAHQ after both parties cite bias in the administration’s handling of the semi finals
  • Ban of Templars – TCP were banned from CPAN’s league after violating numerous league rules (specifically related to harassment) and abusing SWAT staff in DMs
  • Multilogging accusations against Silver Empire – Armies of the Vengeance Alliance, accused SE and some of its staff of multilogging for events which eventually resulted in World War VIII

How To Vote

Voting will be available for all from 1st to 8th January 2022. Please use the Google form located HERE to cast your votes. To ensure that duplicate votes are minimized, the form will require an email account which will be recorded as part of the response. We strongly recommend you to create a CPA only email which is free of all your IRL information. In the interest of security, at the end of the voting period, the contents of the form submissions (including emails) will be permanently deleted.

Aaronstone, Amber, F6sixer, Ganger90, Iceyfeet1234, Nell

CPA Network Army Board

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