CP Army Headquarters Person of the Year 2021


KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – With 2021 drawing to a close, the CP Army Headquarters administration are proud to announce the Person of the Year 2021.


Person of the Year is a title that had become a staple of the community ever since CPA Central launched it in 2012, until its closure in 2016. The yearly title was won by Waterkid, Mustapha, Badboy, Flipmoo and Elmikey in the original era of CP Armies. The title took a hiatus until 2020, when CP Army Hub decided to renew the award and bestowed the title upon RPF and CP Army Legend Crazzy, highlighting RPF’s dominance through 2020.  The award of ‘Person of the Year’ is the most unique in our community, as it does not necessarily go to the most accomplished or the best leader in our community. The title comes from TIME’s ‘Person of the Year’, which has been won by people such as Donald Trump, Elon Musk and Vladimir Putin. Person of the Year, in a simple sense, highlights the person that has been the most talked about in the year and has had considerable community wide impact. However, it must be stressed that this impact can be both negative and positive. The Person of the Year does not have had to shape our community for the better, nor do they have had to have moved CP Armies in a new direction – simply put Person of the Year is the name that has been on everyones metaphorical lips.

Before we proceed with the five runner-ups and the official ‘Person of the Year’, I would like to highlight some of the names that were considered for the post but did not quite make it. Kally was perhaps the closest to nomination, as her leadership saw the Ice Warriors continue to be one of the top armies this year, cemented by her legend nomination this month. Other honourable mentions included Aaronstone, WV Leader, Amber, CPAHQ/CPAN Head Judge and SE Leader and Sidie, CPAHQ Director-In-Chief and PIC Leader. However, only five individuals could be included in the post. I think you will agree, that our Person of the Year for 2021 has certainly been talked about a lot.

I would also like to thank Zamb and Dino for the amazing placeholder graphics, and Max for the title graphic at the top – they are fantastic.

The runner ups have been ordered alphabetically. 

DMT: Runner-up

The Devoted Director


When myself and a few others decided to create CP Army HQ, we knew this could not work without somebody highly capable that was able to steer the organisation in the direction that we wanted. DMT is not somebody I had worked much with before, apart from briefly at CPAH as advisor, but I knew that he was a capable administrator following his experience with CP Armies. However, I definitely under appreciated just how capable he was as head of an organisation. DMT was met with numerous challenges in his time as CPA Headquarters Director in Chief this year, and impressed me greatly by how he met them with calm professionalism and assurance. For the first year of our existence, we could not have asked for a better director to be able to mould CPAHQ into what we wanted it to be.

DMT is undoubtedly one of the most influential characters of 2021, and has been key to some of the biggest events that have occurred. Most notably, the March Madness tournament has to spring to mind for the impact it had on the year. DMT received ‘post of the year’ for his response to the controversies, and theres no doubt he took a measured and reasonable approach to the events. However, this post would be key to the events that would later unfold with the Black Ice Alliance. Throughout the year, DMT was also central to some of the very best special reports and investigative posts, that would brilliantly highlight what was happening in our community. DMT will, for me, go down as one of the best writers we have ever had in CP army media.

One of DMTs lasting legacies this year will be his ambition to innovate and improve the community. DMT launched the highly successful ‘Project: Conquest’ tournament, which was a new format that had not been seen before. He also promoted new ideas, such as changes to the server map and successful discord based events. The aim of CPAHQ to innovate for the community can be solely attributed to the vision of DMT, who strived throughout the year to push for changes to our community that would not be more of the same. When we launched our map, he was keen for there to be subtle differences from the maps of old, which has helped to sustain the activity of our map.

DMT did not have much to gain from leading this organisation, as he has done this all before, apart from gaining the opportunity to push the community into a new direction. Whilst challenges with March Madness and the split of the BIA have made his job more difficult, he has been the face of one of the two key organisations this year and has risen to many challenges within our community. I have been so impressed with how he has operated throughout 2021, and without him our community may have struggled to move on as we did towards the start of the year. Whilst he has an incredible team around him, CP Army HQ would not be the same as it is today without him. For this reason, DMT is named as one of the runner-ups for Person of the Year 2021.

– Kingfunks4, CPAHQ Administrator/Founder


F6sixer: Runner-up

The Diligent Defector


F6sixer’s impact on the Rebel Penguin Federation traces back to well before his promotion to leader in February of 2021. The RPF ended 2020 in an impressively favourable position, after effectively dominating not only several tournaments but the Top Ten for the duration of the year. Expectations for a new leader were high after Cosmo and Crazzy’s successful tenure at the helm. F6sixer’s unique and multifaceted skill set would allow him to influence both the RPF and the army community in ways that no one individual had done before.

F6’s army journey began in March 2019 when he first joined the Rebel Penguin Federation. He rapidly rose through the ranks, easily reaching staff in June of that year. As a moderator, his efficiency, leadership skills, and recruiting consistency earned him notice by the leaders of the day, and in September 2019 he was promoted into RPF’s High Command after just six months spent enlisted – considered impressively fast due to the RPF’s high standards for promotion.

As he advanced to Second in Command, F6 would form part of a crucial backbone during some of the RPF’s most intense and prestigious points, including Legends Cup X and Christmas Chaos X, numerous wars, including World War Rewritten, and many more competitions in which his presence as a 2ic provided crucial support to the leadership. It was during his time as a High Command member that F6’s coding and technological skills helped him establish himself as someone indispensable, as he developed Discord bots as well as using his skillset to provide other forms of useful assistance in both the RPF and the army community as a whole.

It was his obvious ingenuity, leadership ability, and unwavering loyalty to the RPF that earned F6 his promotion to Rebel Commander alongside Elexonck in February of 2021. Barely a month into his leadership his army would be embroiled in the March Madness controversy, the result of which prompted F6 to create his own organisation alongside Iceyfeet1234 — Club Penguin Army Network. The launch of CPAN led to F6 being directly responsible for the creation of an official community map once more, something the community had gone months without, collaborating with none other than RPF founder Commando717, as well as making extensive use of his own coding abilities, to bring it to fruition.

F6sixer’s presence as a major figure in the army community in 2021 would prove incredibly important when the time came to host major tournaments such as Legends Cup XI and Christmas Chaos XI. Indeed, F6’s decision to hand control of LCXI to the community as a whole paved the way for cross-community collaboration in order to allow prestigious historical tournaments to encompass the army community in its entirety — without allowing league based divisions to impede them. Without his efforts, it is possible that neither LCXI nor CCXI would have taken place in a manner accepted widely by all aspects of the community.

During F6’s leadership, the Rebel Penguin Federation defended both its Legends Cup and Christmas Chaos titles successfully, earning first place in both major tournaments. RPF would reach sizes of 100+ in celebration of its 14th anniversary, and see consistently high places on the Top Ten each week. Indeed, his leadership in RPF saw the army embolden its reputation as top dog, while his impact in the army community proved paramount. With this in mind, it is irrefutable that F6sixer has proven himself to be the true incarnation of the Good Fight.

-Elexonck, Rebel Penguin Federation Leader

Iceyfeet1234: Runner-up

The Elder Statesman


Iceyfeet1234 is truly a household name in the CP Army Community. Nowadays, it is a rare sight to see an army’s creator stick around to lead their army, especially after 14 years of its creation. After returning to Ice Warriors leadership in 2020, Iceyfeet1234 knew that the turbulent changes of early 2021 were a chance to reinvent the Ice Warriors and to bring them to new heights. Within two months of a brief shutdown, his army received praise for snatching the Trophy of the 2021 March Madness Tournament. He was determined to create an even bigger army, stronger than any other in the community which would see the Ice Warriors hold the #1 spot for multiple weeks throughout the year. The Ice Warriors consistently maxed high, whilst armies around them would crumble and fade into nothingness. Even after losing to the Help Force in the Legends Cup XI Semifinals, Iceyfeet1234 didn’t lose his motivation and understood the necessity to prepare for the daunting September Drop. Yet, the drop seemingly never arrived at the Ice Warriors, with the army taking Top Army of the Month for both September and October. His new and improved Ice Warriors would then go head to head with their closest BIA allies, the Rebel Penguin Federation in the Christmas Chaos XI finals. Although 2021 was filled with controversy, Iceyfeet1234 made the best of it and thrived. Under his leadership, the Ice Warriors went from a shutdown to a Tournament win to an unrivaled force on the weekly Top Ten.

Next to his dedication to the Ice Warriors, Iceyfeet1234 also joined forces with current Rebel Commander F6sixer to create the new army league Club Penguin Army Network in late May. Over half a year, the duo set up an Army Board, featuring some of the biggest names in armies, accompanied by a panel of judges, an active media team and a weekly Top Ten. Recently, the league introduced an Events’ Committee, dedicated to community-wide game events, and VC hangouts. He would also work towards a more fair system for tournaments, for which all army leaders could democratically decide on the layout, times, rules and so on. Now serving as a Board member, he overlooks the league, ensuring communication and collaboration in all parts of the Network.

On a more personal level, Icey is one of those people you can always trust to be there for you. Although his trust is to be earned, once you get to know him, you realise the attentiveness and care he has for his staff and close team is unmatched by any other army leader. Hidden from the public eye, his hours of recruiting and work on the army are often overlooked. His commitment to Ice Warriors is inspiring and a daily motivator for the whole staff team. More often than not, he will act as a father of the group to solve any issues that might appear, before they get out of hand. Icey’s playful personality and affection of :flamez: emotes are always able to lighten the mood. Iceyfeet1234 is the heart of the Ice Warriors, an army that prospers in his presence.

-Kally, Ice Warriors Leader

Vedant: Runner-up

The Heroic Helper


Since becoming Commander of the Help Force in August 2020, Vedant has been an integral part of its success and a prominent member of the Club Penguin Army community. Widely known as one of the people who have never taken a day off, the “Golden Boy” surpassed everyone’s expectations and has not only brought his army to great heights but also remodelled it into a family. For every record set by his predecessors, Vedant was determined to exceed them because, as he claims to this day, and as much as I hated to say it, he is OP.

Primarily responsible for Help Force’s highest max of 121, to date, Vedant rebuilt and reinforced the army’s AUSIA division, turning it into one of the strongest armies have seen in 2021. From community innovations to Viking Destroyers and Ice Crushers, Help Force achieved No. 1 on the Top Ten in April, May, July and August this year. Vedant led multiple tournaments and battles during his leadership, advancing to the March Madness semifinals and Legends Cup XI finals. These are splendid achievements for an army leader from only a viewer’s seat, but I’m here to tell you that the preparations and hype were unseen before. All those would have probably not been achieved without a leader as Help Force had. Regarding their numerous wars against the Silver Empire, Vedant collaborated and helped create and sustain alliances between armies. After declaring victory in his first war, they faced the Silver Empire again, only this time, with significantly more armies joining in and turning it into the first World War of the HTML era. The newly formed Vengeance Alliance fought against the Western Bloc, battles which resulted in one of the most contentious wars CP Armies has seen in years: The Silver Rush, humorously nicknamed the War of No Judges. Following his retirement in December 2021, Vedant was anointed Legend by Ayan within the Help Force and will forever be seen as the King in the East.

Regardless of being an accomplished leader for his army, Vedant has left his imprint in different areas of the Club Penguin Army community. It wouldn’t be without his help that tournaments like Legends Cup and Christmas Chaos were even able to come together because, this year, everything was put together without any league involvement. Still, the tourneys were a success and many people already count on his help for anticipated community contests and their organization. From Club Penguin to gaming, Vedant has been involved with the administration and maintenance of Force Arcadium, on which he decided to focus more and make plans for the future.

Vedant’s unparalleled creativity and ambition were paramount in the success of the Help Force in 2021. There were many times when he admitted the stress was too intense or when he faced real-life difficulties. Every time he had the strength to get up, more confident and determined. He isn’t a person who is afraid to ask for help, and, as stubborn as he is, he will admit when he makes mistakes. This year he proved what incredible things someone can do with passion, patience and an open mind. I am thankful for having the chance to witness it all, help and support him. Always respected by this community, the AUSIA Daddy rightfully deserves his place as a runner up for the Person of the Year 2021.

-Nell, Former Help Force Leader

Xing: Winner

The Contentious Crusader


The enrapturing tale of Xing is not an easy one to encapsulate in words alone. It is the story of a egomaniac who has stopped at nothing in achieving glory for himself and his army; one of a strong willed autocrat cherished by those beneath him.

Having been founded in the year of 2018 with the assistance of Elmikey, the Templars have been a staple of the Club Penguin Army community for years without end. The Templars have always been known for its unhinged reputation which formed as a result of their unfiltered community and consistent desire for conflict. This is a reflection of the unforgettable and passionate personality of Xing himself. The golden crusaders, being the catalyst for World War VII as well as many other notable campaigns, are no strangers to controversy and embrace their unique identity. The year of 2021 has been no exception.

The reign of Xing in 2021 has been one engrossed by war. In a year that can only be characterized as stagnant and quiet, the Emperor of the Templars made no effort to follow the trends set by others. Conflict after conflict, the Templars under Xing have warred with almost every army in the Top Ten this year. Battling the Water Vikings, the Silver Empire, Special Weapons and Tactics and the Army of Club Penguin, as well as participating in the recent World War VIII, are to name only a few of their exploits. I write this amidst the controversy of the short lived Templars – Black Ice Alliance war, which only exemplifies the Templar tendency to seek conquest.

Xing’s year has not been one without concern, with many being angered by Templar acts during Project: Conquest for instance. The contentious emperor did not falter at any point, however, leading his army to become a consistent contender for pole position on the Top Ten, eventually usurping the Ice Warriors and Rebel Penguin Federation as the top army on more than one occasion in the latter quartile of the year. I have had the honor of becoming close to Xing since the month of August, allowing me to delve deep into a mind that has perplexed many. He has come across to me impulsive on occasions and calculated at other times, neither of which are without reason. There is always a goal in his mind; to act by whatever means in order to achieve glory for himself and his peers, whether it be through unending desires for war or by challenging the status quo. Many disagree on who Xing truly is. Some say he is an unrelenting, bombastic and hateful individual. Others claim him to be one of the greatest leaders the community has seen in many years. There are extensive amounts of conflicting analyses on this divisive individual, yet there is one consistency above all – you do know of him and the scorched path he has left behind. For these reasons and many more I am certain without doubt that Xing is the 2021 Person of the Year. A man who will be remembered for generations in this community, an orator and a conqueror, he is as he claims to be; a true Emperor.

-Sidie9, CPAHQ Founder / Director In Chief

And so the Person of the Year 2021 comes to a close, as we reach the end of a turbulent year. There were considerable discussions between the administration to be able to narrow the down the list to just five individuals, but we feel that these are the key people who have been the most influential. While 2021 has been a difficult year with the transition from flash and the issues with unity,  there have been some particular highlights that are worth noting and remembering. From everyone at CPAHQ, we wish you a happy new year. 

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  1. NotMemeroBig December 29, 2021 (10:01 pm)

    I have something to say. The fact that MemeroBig was not even on this list, and never even mentioned. Although MemeroBig has attended over 85 battles in his CPA career and has put in a lot of work and dedication. In conclusion, MemeroBig should have been on this list. – NotMemero#9148

    • DMT December 30, 2021 (3:39 pm)

      MemeroBig was introduced to Club Penguin Armies when he joined the Nacho Army in 2015. He served with the Nachos for a week before leaving the army for reasons unknown.

      • notmemerolol January 5, 2022 (3:38 pm)


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