5 Ways to Spend Christmas on Club Penguin | A CPAHQ Holiday Guide

NORTH POLE, Santa’s Workshop – Merry Christmas and a Hoppy Holiday to all of you! I know that this time for most is filled with joy and love, but for others this may be a very hectic time of year. Club Penguin Army Headquarters recognises that, so we’ve created this guide to help you make the most of the holiday season! 

Five Ways to Spend Christmas on Club Penguin

#1: Ads, Ads and More Ads!

Do you not get enough ads in your day-to-day life? Well look no further as upon opening the CPR site, you’re met with a copious ammount of ads, to entertain you for days! Not sure what to get that picky loved one? CPR has the answer – a million different options in one! As an added bonus, you provide the hardworking developers of the game the gift of ad revenue! Who knows, maybe they’ll overlook banning your army this Christmas?

#2: Sit on His Lap!

With the arrival of the Holiday Party, you’ll find that the Book Room has been remodelled. Now you can take a picture on Santa’s mighty chair! That’s right, you can come sit on some old guy’s lap instead of Prior Bumble’s! Cross your fingers that you’re on Santa’s nice list this year.

#3: Holiday Melancholy

Not everyone feels jolly during the holidays! If you’re one of those humbugs then you can make your way to the Plaza. There you will find many different areas to occupy yourself! Lonely? Head to the Reinpuffle Stables where you can stare at all the puffles that you still can’t adopt, so no luck at forcing a pet to spend the Holidays with you, loser. Next door, though, you’ll find the Pizza Parlor – filled with festive decor. There you will be able to stuff your virtual mouth with virtual pizza as you question why you’re on Club Penguin on Christmas Day – again, alone!

#4: Magical Gifts & Treats

Full from your tear-soaked pizza? Well it’s just a short waddle to the Forest, where you’ll find the advent calendar! Make sure to grab all your virtual gifts, which are most likely more interesting than any gifts you’ll be getting in real life. Then, you can move along to Santa’s Workshop, where you’ll find magical cookies that can transform you into a Reindeer Puffle, Frost Bite and even a Templars leader! What? As Frost Bite you’ll find that you can throw icey snowballs that freeze any penguin you hit. As if you weren’t bad at making new friends as it is.

#5: Coins For Stamps CHANGE!

The holidays are a popular time for charities, and CPR have continued with their annual virtual charity, Coins for Change, where you can donate to various categories: Building Safe Places, Medical Help and Protecting the Earth. So if you’re up for it, consider doing a nice thing for once and donating your virtual coins for a good cause: your stamp book.

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