The 12 Days of Christmas: 2021 Army Edition

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – With Christmas upon us, the CP Army HQ reporting team are proud to present their rendition of the holiday classic: the 12 days of Christmas!

12 Doxxing scandals (in January alone)
11 Armies fighting in World War 8 (but..)
10 Battles cancelled because no CPAN judges were available
9 Promised Prosect posts from Eden that never happened
8 ACP retirements on the same day
7 Months of ghosting from the CP Army Network
6 Armies created by Ronaldo Vargas
5 Months of the Wet Army Penguins
4 Slurs from the Templars during the Project: Conquest
3 Failed reopening attempts of the Golden Troops
2 March Madness semi-final battles under review
1 Top Ten edited by Iceyfeet1234

A huge thank you to our YouTuber, Beasto, for putting together this incredible video, and Spotty, Nicky, Max, & Legoman for putting together the lyrics.

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