People’s Imperial Confederation Declare “Fun War” on Trojans

BEANIE, People’s Imperial Confederation – With Christmas just around the corner, the People’s Imperial Confederation issued a war declaration against Trojans. What is the reason behind this war declaration? What will the outcome be?

The People’s Imperial Confederation have recently announced a “fun war” declaration on fellow army, the Trojans. Typically, wars are declared due to personal reasons but this war hasn’t, it was declared “for fun” and will see land restored by the end of it. In Sidie9’s declaration, she claims she hopes for a competitive conflict. She also included the war terms, as can be seen below.

The War of the Old World, war terms

Established on October 17th, 2019 by Sidie9 and Proditor, the People’s Imperial Confederation have cemented themselves as a top-tier medium army. In recent times, the army can usually be seen at around 6th-7th on the weekly Top Ten Armies and can typically average sizes of around 15. Notably, their most recent event witnessed a grand total of 40.

The Trojans, formerly Skateboarders, were created sometime around October of last year by Ivy. It wasn’t very active in the beginning, but did find itself in a major controversy regarding toxicity within tactics. Eventually the Skateboarders rebranded once more to Fire Warriors. In the middle of 2021, the Skateboarders were revived and began their journey once more. After a few months, the army had rebranded once again to form the Trojans – the army we know today. In their time, they have competed in various battles and even competed in the Challengers Cup II.

Trojans and Wet Army Penguins battling one-another

With both armies performing rather well in recent months, it is a seemingly difficult choice to determine who will come out as the victor. To gather more opinions, Club Penguin Army Headquarters reached out to Sidie9 and Ivy for commentary on the initial declaration.

What’s your thoughts on the declaration of the fun war that the PIC leader issued against Trojans?

Sidie9: We wanted to go to war once again, as our previous wars against GT and others have shown that we prosper in conflict. We in the PIC administration settled on declaring war on Trojans as they are the most optimal and fair candidate for war. I don’t want bad blood and I hope there is none, I just hope for a fun war between two strong S/M powerhouses.

Ivy: I’m excited! We’ve been working on our maxes and battle performance over the past month, so it’s finally time to test ourselves.

It looks like both armies are excited – and ready – for this upcoming war. What will the outcome of this war be? With two close-in-size armies, only time will tell.

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