My Controversial Opinion: “The Legends system is a flawed popularity contest”

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – From a man that has never backed away from sharing his controversial opinions, we get his take on the legends systems ahead of the 2021 nominations and inductions.  

“The Legends system is a flawed popularity contest”

Eden, Former CP Army Hub Administrator

This controversial opinion from Eden comes as the Legends board, headed by CP Army HQ administrator Kingfunks4, are currently tackling the 2021 induction process. To understand exactly what Eden meant by his bold statement, I asked for a more detailed explanation:

“So the legend board choose who they want to be nominated. You’ve got community pitching in on this as well as anybody else they feel like should be involved on the list. Thats a pretty good way of handling things and ensures everybody is on the list. However, I believe it fails a lot when it comes to the S/M section. Last year there was 1 S/M representative when there should have been more.”

It appears Eden doesn’t see the entire process as broken, as he references the community vote stage being a great addition and one that ensures the process remains as fair and representative as possible. However, he begins to explain that 1 small-medium representative – 2016 S/M Legend Orange – is not enough representation for that community. Eden continued to explain his point-of-view:

“The next thing is that legends themselves are the only ones on this board. As you know, a legend is someone that achieves that title and usually retires from the community afterwards. So why would they return just to vote on people they know nothing about? The justification for this is the “Legends biographies” – but from what I’ve seen, that’s not enough. The biographies last year were done by somebody immature (I’m to blame as well for overlooking it) and the biographies were even manipulated into whatever the heads of the board believed suited reality (when they had not even seen that reality). So, I wouldn’t rely on a biography to determine someones legend status.”

Eden’s argument that retired legends that have not been involved in the community are not appropriate to vote is a strong one, and many are likely to agree with him. But is this truly the case? And do you agree with him that a biography summarising someone’s achievements is enough to vote on? Next, Eden poses the the question: “Does the community decide legends or does the board?”

“You may think they both do but not equally. The community vote is a maximum of 3 votes potentially. When the legends vote have a maximum of each individual within that board. For example, 13 votes vs. 3 community votes. So, is this just a ring of legends that want a grasp over who gets ‘validated’ in this community or is this actually a benefit to the community?”

Eden continues on by revealing rumours he has heard regarding the upcoming legends voting process:

“I have heard rumours that a vote occurred in this soon-to-be legends induction that they were considering to REVOTE legends from last years 2020. Looking at the discussions that they don’t want me to be apart of, I’ll say they haven’t changed that much from last year. If revotes occur for legends who lost and it’s specifically those from major armies who run the board then the credibility that you have already lost, is now lost in a void of corruption.”

Here, Eden makes a comment about not being included in the legend discussions. Should people without the legends title be included in these talks? Or does the process work more effectively when a board of previous legends heads the operation? I asked Eden to summarise his thoughts:

“The CPA legends have become like the Grammys. A joke. You don’t need validation from a group of people who don’t know who you are or every single thing you have done. The people around you and you, yourself, do. They know if you are a legend or if you’re not a legend. That’s the way I see things. I know what I’ve personally done and how its changed this community mostly every year from 2017 and I definitely don’t need any validation from unprofessional ‘figures’ to say otherwise. Neither does anybody else.”

The legends inductions have always been a highly controversial topic of debate, with heated discussion occurring every year around the time of the new inductions. Is the current system perfect, or does it need improvement as Eden suggests? Have your say in the CP Army HQ polls channel, and join the debate on our Discord server general chat. 

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