LIVE COVERAGE: The Contested Crusade

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – We have the full coverage of the Black Ice Alliance vs. Templar conflict, dubbed the ‘Contested Crusade’ due to its controversial response from the army community. The reporting team here at CP Army HQ are bringing you all the latest updates. 

Monday, December 20th

1:10pm EST: Xing supports the notion of a Templar v. Ice Warriors war that takes place with an independent judging league. He also thinks it is possible the Ice Warriors could agree to this.

1:00pm EST, Editor-in-Chief Max released an editorial stating that the Templars should fight the war, and perhaps this is the perfect opportunity for the independent judging league to be formed.

Sunday, December 19th

8:21pm EST: The Ice Warrior leaders and supporters make their position on the CPA Wiki verdict clear: they do not agree that the Templars have triumphed.

8:17pm EST: The Templars declare war on the Army of Club Penguin, asking for a fun war in which all invaded land will be returned after the conflict concludes. Leader Jesus previously rejected the fun war and stated the Army of CP had a themed week planned.

7:50pm EST: The CPA Wiki have spoken out and stated they believe the Templars have won the Contested Crusade War against the Black Ice Alliance, due to the “contradicting terms and rule breakages”. Do you agree with this?

6:45pm EST: The Rebels claim victory against the Templars in a new website post. They make clear to their members that no Army Network rules were broken and state the Templars were too scared to face them: “Nonetheless, I’d love to say that TCP decided to grit their teeth, rise to the challenge and fight the war like they might have if RPF was half the size it is – their leaders’ talk sure seemed that way…but needless to say that is not what happened, because a grand total of 32 minutes after we scheduled our invasions. Oops! And that’s all folks. RPF victory?”

6:25pm EST, Xing has revealed he was planning to declare war on the Ice Warriors today but his plans were stopped by their own declaration. Does this mean their war plans were leaked, and if so, by who? The blog post he had written has now been released: “I’m afraid of Xing’s big ego” – Ice Warriors“.

6:15pm EST, Ice Warriors creator Iceyfeet1234 has spoken exclusively to the CP Army HQ: “I believe xing pulled out of CPAN because he knew that Templars couldn’t handle fighting IW or RPF in either of their separate wars. Templars struggled to take on WV in their war last month, so it wasn’t surprising to see them run from this conflict. If Xing doesn’t want to battle IW or RPF, it will be interesting to see who he decides to fight next on the battlefield. But of course time will tell.” What do you think?

5:53pm EST: Iceyfeet1234, Xing, and Racecar exchange emotes at Legoman’s retirement event.

5:41pm EST: Our reporters asked leader Xing if the Templars would engage in conflict if the battles were not at the same time? His response: “No, we would not. Because their terms still contradict”. So what will it take for Templars to engage?

5:32pm EST: The Templars approached the Water Vikings for a ‘fun Christmas war’ but were rejected. They have stated they may war with the People’s Imperial Confederation or host a tournament instead.

5:28pm EST, Templars leader Racecar releases a blog entitled, “The Black Coping Alliance“.

5:23pm EST: The CP Army HQ poll seems to show the community opinion swaying in favor of the war being a 2 v. 1 conflict. Do you agree?

5:20pm EST, Templar leader Echo voiced his opinion with the following: “If you are still a part of CPAN I’d suggest you leave it. It is a league made to benefit them (IW and RPF) and glorify themselves and put themselves at the top of the pyramid. They have a hold on the community and you leaders are letting them control and manipulate you. It won’t matter how far you get in this community as long as they exist as a league you will never be at the top.”

5:16pm EST, Ice Warriors Leader Kally kept things cool in her Army Network interview, simply stating “Copium Christmas!” while speaking with editor Dman64w.

5:15pm EST, community member Zayy, who is currently not enlisted to an army, got in touch to have their say on the conflict: “The declaration of was that BIA decides to put out completely does nothing but favor the two armies declaring on TCP. Being the CEO of an army league organization doesn’t mean you can start being unfair to other armies in your own’s favor. Apparently, CPAN thinks otherwise and is onboard with hosting a moshpit of bias.”

5:14pm EST, Rebel Commander F6sixer releases the following statement to the Army Network media: “TCP leaders have been making accusations about how RPF/BIA is corrupt and how we’re evil for way too long. We’ve ignored this for the simple reason that CPA is filled with armies who love to make baseless claims and making war with every army each time they make such an accusation would be meaningless. TCP blames us for their own shortcomings and failures and as RPF leader I do not appreciate that. In recent memory, RPF has only declared war to defend its honor and we will fight to preserve that with all of our might. TCP by virtue of their leaders’ words and actions brought this fate upon themselves.”

5:04pm EST, Templars leader Xing: “I am challenging you, Icey. Come to the HQ map and fight us. We are not coming to your corrupt league.”


4:32pm EST: The have Templars left the CP Army Network league and map.

3:54pm EST: The Ice Warriors and Rebel Penguin Federation declare war on the Templars. The full story was covered by the CP Army HQ here.

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