Golden Troops Scrap Plans Of Returning

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – On December 1st, the Golden Troops announced their plans for a revival. In a shocking turn of events, they canceled the event. What may have led to this decision?

The Golden Troops announced that they would be going on a hiatus on September 15th, this year and decided to return for a 10th generation in December. Two months later on December 1st as planned, they announced their comeback event. Their revival event was set to take place on December 12th, but shortly after they announced its cancellation.

Kyle announcing the cancellation of the Revival Event

In March 2010, the Golden Troops were created as a result of the Club Penguin Sun Troops and Golden Warriors merger. They lasted 3 years as a considerably relevant army in the original CP era until they shut down in 2013. They were brought to the CPPS era in 2020 by former Doritos of Club Penguin staff and under the permission of Sercan. Since their creation, they have gone through nine generations with the last one ending in October under the leadership of Kattle11, TheMightyANeha, and Simmonds2000. During the last generation, the Golden Troops engaged in wars with the Smart Penguins and the People’s Imperial Confederation

Picture from the final event of the 9th Generation

CP Army Headquarters tried to reach out to Golden Troops’ newly appointed leader, Kyle, to find out more about this sudden decision, but he declined an interview. It is however known that the reasons behind the cancellation are related to lack of active members and interest in reviving the army. We can only wait and see if the Golden Troops will reopen anytime soon. What do you think of the Golden Troops scrapping their return plans? Do you think they will make a comeback in the future?

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