Dried Up: Wet Army Penguins Announce Permanent Closure

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – The Wet Army Penguins, an iconic meme army that have created many headlines over the last 5 months, have officially announced their permanent shutdown. CP Army HQ have the full story.

The sudden news from leader Pandor announcing the Wet Army Penguins closure came earlier today at 8:42am EST. It comes after 5 full months of activity, and brings about the end of their first generation.

Having been created on August 7th, 2021, by Pandor and Sauron, the Wet Army Penguins immediately caused a splash in the army community with their controversial name that took inspiration from the hit Cardi B song that was released the year before. They were immediately labelled a meme army, but saw many successes in both the conflicts that they engaged in and sizes that were reflected in their Top Ten rankings. They managed to peak at 7th on the listings, and were consistently in the top ten despite their meme army label.

CP Army HQ managed to speak exclusively with Pandor following his army’s shutdown. He revealed the exact reason for the closure was because “nobody really has any time. This was a thought going through the leadership since about 2 months but we decided to keep it open until the right time came.”

Pandor continued by labelling the war with the Trojans and peaking at a maximum size of 23 as their greatest achievements. The Trojans war began in on the first week of November and lasted for just two days. Leader Misty recalls the event in a discussion with Editor-in-Chief Max:

Battling them was going to be tricky; we couldn’t force treaty them since they had no land. With the help of Revan, decided on a war plan. We would purposely throw the first battle, bring only enjoying people so that it wouldn’t be declared invalid. I felt bad for wasting the judges time, so we left after the first room. The Trojans won that battle, meaning they finally had land. Our plan was set in motion. One minute before the battle began I posted an invasion for the same land for 24 hours later. The next day we brought the full force of WAP, annihilated the Trojans, took back our land, and successfully force treatied them. It was glorious, if I do say so myself.

With the army shut, the leaders and members are seeking new opportunities within the community. Pandor has revealed he will be looking to reopen the Secret Service, while his other co-leaders will focus on other armies they are currently enlisted in. Whatever your opinion of the Wet Army Penguins, their impact on the small-medium army community this year is undeniable, and were able to set themselves apart from the countless meme armies that proceeded them.

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