BREAKING: “CPAN is corrupt” States Templars Leader Xing Following Black Ice Alliance War Declaration

Update: At 4:32pm EST, the Templars left the CP Army Network league and map. 

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – In a shocking turn of events, the Rebel Penguin Federation and Ice Warriors have declared war against the Templars. The CP Army HQ have the full story and heated response from Templars leader Xing.

This marks the first war of 2021 for both the Ice Warriors and Rebel Penguin Federation, who have maintained a peaceful foreign policy since their conflict with the Water Vikings last November in the Black Seas War.

The Black Ice Alliance war declarations came simultaneously, with blog articles being released on the Ice Warriors and Rebel Penguin websites. Ice Warrior leader Kally released her post entitled ‘Copium Christmas‘, with a short statement issuing the declaration as well as 15 war terms that set the stage for the upcoming conflict.

Rebel Commander F6sixer titled his declaration article “Sic Semper Tyrannis”, which translate to “thus always to tyrants”. It was noted that this was the last thing John Wilkes Boothe shouted before he assassinated American President Abraham Lincoln, and is likely a reference to how the Rebels consider the Templars tyrants of the community. This emotive and provocative language is sure to cause a heated response from the Crusaders.

The Ice Warriors and Rebels in the grand finals of the Christmas Chaos XI.

As the news broke, many members of the army community took to the general chats of CP Army HQ to discuss their surprise of the war terms. With both the Warriors and Rebels stating the wars to be “1 v. 1” between themselves and the Templars, many deemed this unfair on the Templars as the simultaneously and largely similar declarations. Having said that, it would appear these terms do not break any rules under the Army Network system, which is the league and server map that this war would be occurring under.

Xing spoke exclusively to CP Army HQ on the General Voice Chat as the news broke. He commented the following:

“All their invasions are at the same time and on the same day. It’s bullsh*t. We are not going to waste our time, these terms are not fair. They have violated their own terms and their own league rules. CPAN are corrupt. We will continue to average more than them every week.” 

It would appear Xing made contact with the Black Ice Alliance leadership over the disputed “1 v. 1” war term, in which leader F6sixer confidently dismissed. This has led Xing and the Templars higher command to call bias against the CP Army Network and threaten to leave the league.

This is an ongoing story and CP Army HQ will be here to provide you with the very latest as the news comes in. You can join our live coverage over on the Discord server.

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