Uniform Battle – Water Vikings vs Templars

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – The Templars and the Water Vikings are two prominent major armies, amongst the others in the army community. Throughout their time, they have engaged in several wars, including the most recent one that took place, last month. But, what if we looked at a battle between the two armies solely from a clothing point of view? Which army, according to you, has the better uniform and why?

Throughout their existence, both Templars, as well as Water Vikings, have established their legacy and identity, and to date, remain two major powerful armies in the community. The uniforms that they have worn, have not only made the two armies stand out from the other armies, but also create a sense of unity and solidarity among them. Thus, I feel, a uniform, is one of the most important aspects of an army. As the name suggests – in this column, I will be focusing on the two armies: The Templars, and the Water Vikings, and aim to understand the significance behind their uniforms.

The Templars went along with a Golden color scheme for their uniform. They wear the Golden Knight Armor as their Body Item, the Golden Knight’s Helmet as the Head Item, the Golden Shield or the Thunder Blade Sword as their Hand Item, and the Hiking Backpack as their Neck Item.
To find out more about the significance of the uniform, and the reasoning behind the choice of these particular items, I approached Xing, the founder and one of the current leaders of Templars. I was particularly interested in the backpack as it stood out to me from the traditional Knight attire, as worn by a Templar troop. Xing replied to my query saying that the backpack is a part of the uniform “to resemble supplies, food, water, extra sword, blankets, something soldiers would carry on a long march.”


The Water Vikings went along with a color scheme of Blue and Purple, as is demonstrated through their uniform. They wear the Purple Viking Helmet as their Head Item, the Blue Letterman Jacket as their Body Item, and the Blue Sunglasses as their Face Item.
To find out more about the significance of the uniform, and the reasoning behind the choice of these particular items, I approached Aaronstone, one of the current leaders of Water Vikings.

Aaronstone: We just are trying to keep it classic. A nod to our roots from 2010, when the original uniform was created. I think we have one of the better uniforms in the community so if it works why change it.

To make things more interactive and fun, I approached a few staff members at CPAHQ, to know which uniform they liked out of the two. So as to ensure that there was no personal bias involved when making their choice – I referred to the Templars Uniform as Uniform 1, and the Water Vikings Uniform as Uniform 2, while asking them for their opinion. Here’s what they had to say:

DMT (Director in Chief): Uniform one is better cause the items are more consistent. Every item except for the backpack is part of the same “set” that they were originally released with. Uniform two is rather plain as well. I feel like it would look better with the blue Viking helmet instead of the purple.

Sidie9 (Director in Chief): I prefer the Templar uniform because I’m a fan of the crusader knight theme, and all that glitters is gold, only shooting stars break the mold.

Fusion (Vice Director): I’m gonna have to go with uniform 2! Reason being is blue is my favorite color and I think the letterman jacket is a great touch to uniform 2. I also am a huge fan of the Viking helmet, and have tried to coordinate it with every army uniform I’ve worn throughout my career.

Vanish (Vice Director): I prefer WV’s purely for the fact of it reminding me og CP armies & just older club penguin in general. Not that Tcp’s doesn’t, but wv is a classic

Spotty (Associate Director): So, personally I like uniform 2. I picked this one because in the past I have worn the blue jacket a few times. Also, two of my current favourite colours are actually blue and purple so that’s the main reason I was drawn to uniform 2. Also the uniform looks like it’s ready for any season , with their sunglasses and Music Jam pass.

Max (Editor in Chief): Personally, I think Uniform 1 is a stronger uniform for an army. It gives a much more classic army feel, with the armour, helmet, shield and sword. Also, despite neither army has a feet item, it is a lot less obvious in Uniform 1. I do really like the purple viking helmet in the second uniform though.

Sweater (Editor in Chief): I prefer the Water Vikings uniforms for both its simple design and ease of obtainment. As someone who doesn’t play much of the game itself and doesn’t know where everything is, an easy to remember uniform is one I’ll always favour. I imagine it would be the same for little 9 year old Jimmy that WV have recruited, too.

Rach (Column Manager): Oo definitely Water Vikings 100% the templars have too much of our color and seems a little much at times. At least with Water Vikings it’s different and it all flows together nicely <3

Frostty (Graphic Designer): so i like Uniform 1 because it has more of a fighting aspect to it.

Light (Head Judge): I like uniform 2 better because I’m a sucker for the color blue and overall I’m not really a fan of the armored look on Club Penguin, I think it’s a little much

Myth (Editor): Personal it all comes down to the details. When you look between the two uniforms, the Templars clear take great advantage of details. Their unform uses every possible clothing option (other than feet) while the other uses on head and body. While the blue looks nice, I think the Templars have a better uniform.

Shallissa (Editor): Uniform one is based so I like that one the best. The armor is cool and I like how the sword and shield hand items match it really well. It also looks more intimating than a lot of other army uniforms.

Neha (Editor): for uniform one- i like the one on the right only because the sword is cool 💪😌 and for uniform two- i like the one of the left because shades are also vv cool 💪😎

Cabin (Moderator): I like Uniform 1 better because to me it looks cooler than Uniform 2. Furthermore, I like Uniform 1 better because it looks more militarized, and that is something I wish more armies tried to look like.

Mare (Moderator): My favorite one is –
I liked this one because I feel like it made a lot of sense with the sword whenever I think of like Xing’s PFPS I always see swords in them. I think it makes the uniform also look cooler.

I like this one with the glasses added because whenever I think of Water Vikings they always have those glasses which puts their look together. A lot of armies wear those blue jackets, but once they put on those glasses I’m like oh yea their a Water Vikings member!

Pie (Moderator): Overall, i like the first uniform better just because of the items they use. It looks more like an army, compared to the casual blue jacket of the blue penguin. points given to the simplicity of the blue because it would be easier for newer troops to get, but overall, the look and feel of the yellow penguin is much more medival and army like which i like.

Holly (Moderator): I think tcp is better as it’s more “war/battle” themed and the colours stand out a lot more.

Monstah (Moderator): I pick Uniform 2 because the items are easier to obtain than that of Uniform 1. The Templars uniform does look more complete from the pic, but the WV uniform is more practical since the items are available at all times.

Mchappy (Moderator): Uniform 1 because it’s armor obviously !

Action (Moderator): I really like the yellow uniform as it just feels like it has much more detail than the latter! The blue outfit is a simple outfit with a hoodie and a Viking helmet whereas, the above just has much more. A shield or sword, an entire uniform and a backpack! It feels much more detailed and customized than the other one. (Also I like yellow so :P)

Todoro (Reporter): For me it would have to be uniform two. As its much more simple and much easier to access to it.

Komodo (Reporter): I prefer the number one cuz’ the number two looks like some jock from the movies without pants.

DFGV (Reporter): Top yellow!

Mythic (Reporter): They’re both very nice uniforms, but personally I feel like uniform one would be more appropriate during the war, see if you had both the shield and the sword, during defense battles you could use the shield, and during invasion you could use the sword, and that just makes it seem a little bit better to me personally, I really like the water vikings uniform but uniform one has unique items, while uniform two unfortunately doesn’t (as in all the items on uniform 2 exist in other colors and other armies use them)

Real (Reporter): I like the WV one more considering it’s more simple rather than crowded with a lot of stuff.

Krosive (Reporter): I like the templars one, since it looks the more cool.

Papo (Judge): i like the templars uniform better because i like the idea of medieval times being the theme of the uniform, etc.

Dragon (Judge): Tough question, but I like the shine reflection in tcp uniform but I love the casual sense in WV uniform and it also matches with the penguin color so I pick wv

Dman64w (Judge): I quite like Uniform 2, it seems more simple to the human eye and in my opinion would be easier to obtain for new members. I do like that uniform 1 captures the army vibe though!

Nacho (Judge): 2 is better, because 1. i dont like the armor of the first uniform and 2. the second one looks simple and easier to get for new troops.

Hidcre (Judge): ok so from uniform 1, i like the second one because whenever i think of templars i think of just crusades becausec their army feel is based off the knights who fight till the end just like crusaders. and for uniform 2 i think the 1st one because to me water vikings are like your one and only sailing on a ship with no regrets. no turning back and stuff and the glasses look cool.

Comedy (Judge): On a personal level, WV is better because it’s simplistic. Judging perspective, TCP is better because a bunch of armies are blue and they are easy to find.

Bread (Judge in Training): Uniform 1: The 2nd Uniform 2: The 2nd.

Caitlinx (Judge in Training): I like them both and either make a statement especially uniform one, however out of the pair of them I prefer the simplicity of the 2nd uniform. However the 1st definitely seems more pronounced and bold. But I prefer the 2nd just because I like the colour but also there isn’t too much going on with the uniform and easier (for lack of a better word) on the eye.

Ivy (Judge in Training): Uniform 1. Uniform 2 honestly seems bland lmao. It’s great for newer troops because of how easy it is to get, but it doesn’t stand out or anything. There’s nothing special about it that helps you distinguish the army’s troops from regular cpr players.

Jess (Judge in Training): both of them are really cool but I think ill go with uniform 2 because its pretty neat. And the stuff is easy to find too.

Welp (Judge in Training): I pick uniform 1 at the left and uniform 2 at the right. I feel like the shield looks better than the sword, especially when going with the armour. As for uniform 2 i feel like uniform looks better without the sunglasses.

From what the Staff had to say, it seems that there is a tough competition between the two uniforms, as most of them voted for one or the other. What do you think about these uniforms? Which one out of the two would you pick, and why? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, or in our discord server!


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