Empire Fallen: Templars Issue Treaty to Silver Empire

JERUSALEM, Templars of Club Penguin – Just one day before their semifinal battle in the Christmas Chaos XI, the Templars have won the war against the Silver Empire and subjected them to a force treaty. What were the terms of the treaty and how will it affect the silver empire future?

On the 10th of December 2021, The Templars of Club Penguin invaded Silver Empire’s capital Zero Grau, therefore ending the war. The Templars forced them into a treaty on the next day. The terms of the treaty are as shown below:

The Treaty terms

Created by Xing on the 4th of April 2018, The Templars of Club Penguin has risen to be one of the strongest major armies as of current times, showing great dominance in many tournaments and battles. They have proved themselves as an army full of capabilities, and stand out as one of the higher ranking armies in the Top Ten armies. The Templars have also made a name of themselves by reaching the semifinals of the Christmas Chaos XI tournament, though unfortunately lost against the Ice Warriors.

Templars vs Ice Warriors in Christmas Chaos XI

Silver Empire was created on the 20th of April 2020 by Electrumm, JimmyZach, and others. Starting as a new generation army, the Silver Empire has clearly made very fast growth. Their participation in numerous tournaments and battles have given their reputation a boost in the Club Penguin Army community. They recently also had a war against the Help Force, in which the Silver Empire formed the Western Bloc alliance and won several battles against the opposing Vengeance Alliance. They also made an appearance in the Christmas Chaos XI tournament, going against their allies, the Ice Warriors, in the quarter finals.

Silver Empire vs Ice Warriors in Christmas Chaos XI

Club Penguin Army Headquarters were able to contact the Templars leader, Xing, on his thoughts about the war as well as the treaty on Silver Empire:

What are your thoughts on the Silver Empire vs Templars war, and now that the Templars has forced the Silver Empire into a treaty?

Xing: Onto the next one

And so with the Templars invading the Silver empire capital they have forced the losing army into a treaty. With the terms of the treaty put into effect, we can conclude that the war between the Templars and Silver Empire is now over. As Templars celebrate their victory, it seems as Xing is already preparing for their next conquest.

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