Christmas Chaos XI Grand Final Predictions

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters –  The Christmas Chaos XI tournament is coming to an end this weekend with the top two major armies going head-to-head. But who do the CP Army HQ staff think will emerge victorious?

Rebel Penguin Federation vs. Ice Warriors

The Rebel Penguin Federation has had an eventful week. During the semi-final round of the tournament, they went up against the Help Force and were able to secure a 3-0 victory with a max size of 57 penguins. This saw them return to the top spot on the most recent Top Ten Armies, climbing two positions from the previous week.

Rebel Penguin Federation vs Help Force.

The Ice Warriors also had a busy week, winning their semi-final battle against the Templars. They recorded a huge size of 70 penguins present, defeating their opponent with a score of 1-2-0. The Ice Warriors currently reside at third on the Top Ten listing. 

Ice Warriors vs Templars.

While the Rebels are placed higher on the most recent Top Ten, the Ice Warriors appear to have a larger maximum size at their semi-final battle. Which army do you think will come out victorious in the grand final this Saturday? The CP Army HQ team has shared their opinions below.

Fusion, Vice Director – Rebel Penguin Federation (2-1)

Vanish, Vice Director – Rebel Penguin Federation (3-0)

Spotty, Associate Director – Rebel Penguin Federation (2-1)

Kingfunks4, Administrator – Ice Warriors (2-1)

Max, Editor in Chief – Ice Warriors (2-1)

Sweater, Editor in Chief – Ice Warriors (3-0)

Rach, Column Manager – Rebel Penguin Federation (2-1)

The staff predictions have the Rebel Penguins narrowly defeating the Ice Warriors, with four in favor of the Rebels and three siding with the Warriors. Will the RPF claim another tournament trophy this weekend? Or will the Ice Warriors be able to doubt the predictions and come out victorious?

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