Cosmic Viper Announces His Retirement From the Celts of Club Penguin

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – In a surprise announcement that no one saw coming, Cosmic Viper – better known as Ronaldo – announces his latest retirement from Celts of CP.

On the 12th of December, the Celts of Club Penguin had bid farewell to their reviver and leader Cosmic Viper. More formally known as Ronaldo, he had announced his farewell on the Celts Of Club Penguin Army Discord Server and stated that this was his final run and the decision was purely made due to his ever growing boredom of the game.

At the time of this publishing, the only confirmed leader of the Celts is Commander Glitter who has been leading for two months alongside Ronaldo, Glitter had been presented with the Medal Of Bravery in the army following his retirement. However, there are still interviews taking place within the Celts Of Club Penguin Discord Server for more leadership positions so stay tuned for any updates.

Cosmic Viper’s retirement message in the Celts Of Club Penguin Discord Server

The Celts Of Club Penguin are a notorious S/M AUSIA army first founded in June of 2014 by Earthing and Bandage23 on the organisation of S/M Army Press. The AUSIA army was quickly recognised as a rising army in the S/M nation reaching top ten within four days of their acceptance into the league. They had proceeded to make Top 10 numerous times with their best finish of 3rd in the standings among all the S/M armies.

The journey came to an abrupt end for the young army unfortunately, with the shut down of SMAP, the Celts Of Club Penguin were forced to close their doors with the biggest achievement of maxing 40. Yet did they know, their time would come once again more than seven years after their slumber…

On October 30th 2021, The Celts Of Club Penguin had make a comeback to the CPA world. Founded by Cosmic Viper and later joined by Glitter. In the duration of two months, their best achievement was getting verified as a S/M army on CPAN and later on SPAM after their departure with  their best max of five.

Celts Of Club Penguin maxing 5 at revival event.

Cosmic Viper has had many great ventures in his time at CPA, starting off as a troop in the Dark Vikings in 2019, reviving the Fire Ninjas as well as the Epic Gamer Moment Army alongside his friend Todorokook and accomplishing a max of 10. Cosmic had then joined the Army Of Club Penguin in 2020 with the hopes of reaching the Major rank but cut his grind short in order to pursue his true dreams of creating the Medieval Warriors alongside TastyPantaloon. They had managed to max 9 with the Medieval Warriors before his temporary retirement. He made his final comebacks with the hopes of reviving the Celts Of Club Penguin and finally announcing his retirement on the 12th of December this year.

Ronaldo and TastyPantaloon at the Medieval Warriors practice event.

Glitter on the other hand is much newer to the CPA world, making his debut in the Ice Warriors on the 13th Of February 2021. He had gotten his first opportunity as a leader this October when invited by Ronaldo to help lead the Celts. He had continued to lead ever since in the Celts Of Club Penguin and is still progressing through the ranks at the Ice Warriors and is currently a Staff In Training at the large army.

Ice Warriors at Christmas Chaos X

With the leave of their reviver and leader Cosmic Viper. The CPA-HQ wishes Glitter and the rest of the Celt troops the best of luck. We would also like to wish Ronaldo farewell in his future endeavours including his e-sports career which he is taking up full time under the name of ZadexRC.

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