CPAN Christmas Chaos XI Predictions: Round 2

SNOW STORM, CP Army Network Headquarters – In round 2 of the Christmas Chaos XI tournament, four armies remain on the battlefield. With only two spots available for round 3, the question remains of who will move on to the finals?


Following the conclusion of round 1 of the Christmas Chaos XI tournament, the Ice Warriors, Templars, Rebel Penguin Federation, and Help Force are all eager to move on to the finals in round 2 this weekend. Each army believes they can win and are confident in their abilities. Which armies do the Club Penguin Army Network Staff believe are going to move on to the finals?

Rebel Penguin Federation vs. Help Force

First up to battle this weekend are the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Help Force.  In December 2020, both armies battled it out for the Christmas Chaos X semi finals, with the Rebel Penguin Federation Emerging victorious. Will this year’s battle be a repeat of the past, or will the Help Force move on to the finals?

RPF vs. HF CCX Semifinals, December 2021

Purple, Top Ten Committee HeadRebel Penguin Federation (3-0)

Dman64w, EditorRebel Penguin Federation (2-1-1 with Over time)

Aaronstone, Board MemberRebel Penguin Federation (2-1)

IceyFeet1234, Board MemberRebel Penguin Federation (2-1)


Ice Warriors vs. Templars

To conclude the semi finals, The Templars of Club Penguin and Ice Warriors will meet each other on the battlefield. They have an extensive history, with the Templars declaring war on the Ice Warriors a few months ago. With only less than a tenth of a point apart in the most recent top ten, this battle is sure to be a close one.

IW vs. TCP Practice Battle, November 2021

Link3000, Top Ten Committee HeadIce Warriors (3-0)

Cracked, EditorIce Warriors (3-0)

F6Sixer, Board MemberIce Warriors (3-0)

G90, Board MemberIce Warriors (3-0)


With only days left until the semi-finals, all armies involved are giving one final push to secure a spot in the finals. The Club Penguin Army Network wishes the round 2 participants all the best in their battles.

How do YOU think each army will perform in the semi finals? Will the predictions come true on the battlefield? Let us know YOUR thoughts in our Discord Server!


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