Clash of the Empires: Templars Declare War on Silver Empire

JERUSALEM, Templars of Club Penguin Territory Prior to the first round of the newly announced Christmas Chaos XI, the Templars of Club Penguin declared war on the Silver Empire. What is the reason behind this sudden declaration of war and what will the outcome of the war be?

On the 4th of December 2021, just 10 days after Silver Empire forfeited their last war, The Templars of Club Penguin have once again declared war on the Silver Empire, stating their terms as shown below:

Declaration of War Terms

Currently holding the top position in the Top Ten Armies list, the Templars of Club Penguin were created by Xing on the 4th of April 2018. Since its birth, the army has proven itself to be strong in every way possible, with the great battles that they had, the fast community growth and the increasing maxes of the army. The Templars have definitely proven its capability to stand face-to-face with other major armies through numerous tournaments and battles.

Recent Templars invasion on the Silver Empire

Silver Empire was created on the 20th of April 2020 by Jimmy, Zach, Electrumm and a few others. Despite it being a newer army, it has shown unbelievable growth throughout its time. From battles to tournaments to wars, the Silver Empire have competed amongst several major armies and briefly managed to hold a major army status itself. Their capabilities as an army helped them battle against the Help Force in the recent World War VIII with the help of the Western Bloc alliance and  winning a couple of the battles, making it one of their biggest achievements.

Battle between Western Bloc and the Vengeance Alliance

The war battle between the two armies has so far been a one sided win for the Templars, as they marched forward invading every server belonging to the Silver Empire. Most recently, the Templars have scheduled an invasion of the Silver Empire’s capital Zero Grau, which will be happening on the 9th of December.

Club Penguin Army Headquarters was able to reach out to the Templars leader Xing on their thoughts on the war as well as the upcoming invasion on the Silver Empire capital.

What’re your thoughts on the Templars War against the Silver Empire, especially that the Templars army will be invading the Silver Empire capital?

Xing: I believe that SE is a bit confusing because they will not defend their capital.

According to the Templars leader, the war is nearing its end, with the Templars invading the Silver Empire capital. Will the Silver Empire make a move to defend their capital? Or will remain unresponsive and be subjected to a force treaty by the Templars? We’ll have to wait and see how this war plays out.

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