My Controversial Opinion: “OG CPA is better than CPPS CPA”

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – It’s a battle of the two generations in today’s edition of ‘My Controversial Opinion’, and one army veteran stands on the side of the original army community. 

“OG CPA was better than CPPS CPA.”

Aaronstone, Water Vikings Leader

Viking Aaronstone is an army veteran, having served in higher command and leadership positions in both the original army community, which lasted from 2006 until 2017, as well as the private sever revival of the community. But his controversial opinion made clear his stance on which era he believes to be better, as well as why:

“Everything seems so serious nowadays. Back then, everything was more laid back and a lot more fun, with more wars etc. Sure, CPPS CPA has seen some incredible sizes but to me I feel like OG was funner because we were all young kids.” 

To challenge his view, I put to him the question: “Do you think OG CPA was more toxic?”, in reference the abundance of doxxing, defacing, ddosing and the offensive language that was used in the original army community, particularly in comparison to our community today:

“In terms of language, yes. But doxxing ddosing and defacing still happens now. OG was like a Modern Warfare 2 lobby – a lot of bad words.”

To further analyse his statement, I asked Aaron what year the original army community peaked at. After receiving his answer of “2015”, I did ask if this was still the case considering the multiple cases of multilogging during that year. And what is his view on multilogging as a whole when comparing OG CPA with the CPPS generation? Over the past few years, it has been less common and we have had the means to limit/catch people during the golden age peak of 2020. 

2015 in my opinion, I did pretty well with Pretzels hitting sizes of 50 in the Summer and we only peaked at 4th place. Well yeah multilogging was pretty wide spread back then but as long as CPA exists multilogging will too so while it is a stain on that year it doesn’t really ruin it for me.

To conclude, I asked one final question: “Do you think it’s possible you hold this view because you were younger and people tend to look back on the past and our younger selves with nostalgia?”


Aaronstone believes the original community, spanning from 2006 to 2017, was better than the private server generation that has existed in the last few years. Do you agree with him, or do you hold a different point of view?

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