Rekindling: The Fire Warriors Return To The Community.

Hot Chocolate, Historic Fire Warriors Capital – With Christmas Chaos underway, the community witnessed an old friend return to the battleground. Who are the Fire Warriors, and what led to their return?

In 2007, Wwe09 created the first generation of the Fire Warriors. Since then they had a variety of notable generations, however the army withdrew from the Club Penguin community in 2011. In 2020, the Fire Warriors were brought to the Private Server community by Sweater, and despite the various closures and revivals, the army stood ground in Summer 2021, before it was announced that the latest generation would cease on August 28th, 2021. You can read more about that here.

Fire Warriors facing off against PIC during Challenger’s Cup II

On November 11th, 2021 – Sweater announced that the Fire Warriors would be coming back for another generation through a website post titled “all eyes on us“. In the event post, he mentioned that “it’s time to once again unite and light the flame that ruled the S/M army community for months.”, with the revival taking place on December 4th 2021.

The Fire Warriors during their revival event.

To learn more about what this meant, we sat down with Sweater to talk about the revival of his army.

What made you decide to revive the army?

I published a poll asking community members their thoughts on FWs closure and if they would support a revival. The overwhelming majority said they would, with a lot wanting to be directly involved, so I figured it would be fun. It also gives me, personally, an opportunity to right my wrongs.

Considering how much you achieved in the previous generation, what is one difference you hope to see?

I suppose the main difference I’d like to see is for us to not settle. We were too comfortable in our spot – as arguably the #1 S/M army of our time, only rivalled by the People’s Imperial Confederation (love those guys❤️). I would like to see us push further and really test our strength and push far beyond major.

Where do you see Fire Warriors a month from now?

I won’t be setting any time limits on our growth. It will happen naturally. In a month from now we could be the worst army out there or we could be the best, I don’t care. We will continue no matter where we are

Anything to add?

It looks like the Fire Warriors are returning per their community’s wishes. With a strong leadership team set in stone, Club Penguin Army Network wish Sweater and the Fire Warriors a long and successful generation.

What do YOU think? Will the Fire Warriors be able to interrupt the big 5 armies on our Top Tens? Let us know YOUR thoughts in our Discord Server!


CP Army Network Editor

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