Claws Retracted: Tiger Warriors Announce Indefinite Closure

KLONDIKE, CPA Headquarters – After two months of being one of the top small/medium armies, an unexpected closure has hit the Tiger Warriors. What’s next for their leaders and members? 

The Tiger Warriors have had a long, inconsistent journey that began in 2013. Created by Bull Hour, their first few generations saw a fair amount of success with them reaching standard sizes for a medium army of that era. Despite this success, they have never lasted very long due to unknown factors and have rarely found themselves in controversy, with their only war in the past 7 years being on a meme army named Islamic State of Club Penguin – a rather unique name. Unfortunately, most pictures of this time have been lost.

For the first time in the post-Club Penguin era, the Tiger Warriors had announced a revival on September 28th, 2021, under Bull Hour – but with notable High Command and Advisors such as Second-in-Command Da Best and Advisors AustinFraud and Pandor. On September 29th, they held their opening event with a maximum of 11 Tigers in attendance, thus kicking off their generation.

11 Tigers celebrating the opening of the army (September, 2021)

However, after only two months of activity the army has once again found themselves in an indefinite closure. It was stated in the main chat that Bull Hour had intentions of closing the army, and then less than half-an-hour later it was official. Bull Hour cited the recent inactivity as the main cause in an announcement that can be read below.

Bull Hour announcing the closure of Tiger Warriors (December, 2021). Click to enlarge.

To find out more information regarding the (rather sudden) closure, Club Penguin Army Headquarters reached out to Bull Hour for an interview.

You cited inactivity as a main reason, but were there any other factors that contributed to the closure?

Bull Hour: I have said the shutdown reason in Announcement channel

Do you have a favourite memory of this or any past generations you would like to share with us?

Bull Hour: I loved past generations than this corrupt gen. Those times were awesome leading with my friends Vishal,Jay,Guncotton, Antonio and OliMAD

What’s next for you? Do you plan to revive the army at any point, remain retires or perhaps even join another army in the foreseeable future?

Bull Hour: Ah, I haven’t decided yet

Thank you so much for your time! Do you have any final comments for Club Penguin Army Headquarters and our readers?

Bull Hour: Hasta La vista

With a rather cryptic interview, it cannot fully be determined what’s next for Tiger Warriors or Bull Hour himself. An interesting note, he mentioned “this corrupt gen,” – what could that possibly mean? In time, hopefully, more will be revealed and best of luck to everybody involved with the Tiger Warriors.


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