ASTRO and Monstah Inducted to SWAT Leadership

MAMMOTH, Special Weapons and Tactics Empire – On December 3rd, 2021 Special Weapons and Tactics announced their two newest leaders into the army. What can we expect from their recent leadership changes? Read on more to find out. 

On December 3rd, 2021 Mare current leader of Special Weapons and Tactics, made an official announcement where she inducted two new leaders Astro and TD999.

Mare announced Astro and Td999 as leaders

Special Weapons and Tactics was founded in 2009 by Ganger90, and in 2020 the army was led by Zuke, Sweater, DarkLink, and S Cargo2. Ever since SWAT was formed, the army has seen some ups and downs, as well as this, they have also participated in several tournaments and wars. Currently, SWAT are taking part in the Christmas Chaos XI, which saw them win against the Red Ravagers in their first battle.

A recent SWAT event: CCXI qualifier winner.

Astro had been part of the club penguin community since 2006. They didn’t join the army community until a couple of years later. He found himself into xat after noticing an army on club penguin rewritten. Two years later, they came back into the army community where they were a part of Special Weapons and Tactics, led Templars, led One Direction Army, etc.

TD999 had discovered club penguin armies back in 2012 but didn’t officially join the army community until 2018. They have held high staff positions in Dark Warriors, Light Troops, Ice Warriors, etc. TD999 has also led armies such as the Water Troops and the Secret Service.

CPAHQ was able to get a hold of Astro and TD999 on their thoughts on promotion to leadership.

What made you wanna become part of SWAT’s leadership team?

Astro: Personally me & an old friend of mine, Stealth used to be low ranks in swat & we’d always talk about leading it together one day alongside Ganger & the other people who were leading at the time. We’d try to be active around the server when we could & encourage eachother to climb ranks. He left discord a while ago but I just wanted to keep that passion alive for as long as I can. So when I got the opportunity it lit that spark in me again. Also, I want to help the other leaders & the rest of the team out as well to the best of my abilities. I believe in the army as it is right now to become better.

TD999: Initially, Coolguy offered me to lead alongside him and I met lots of amazing people including the other Leaders & Staff team in SWAT, so I decided to join them in their exciting journey of building SWAT back up.

Do you have any favorite memories within the army community?

Astro: Yes, I’d say in fact too much to even pick a favorite.

TD999: I have many good memories in CPA especially with my created army Secret Service including moving up in LCXI to Quarter Finals going totally against all predictions and placing above Armies including Major Armies I have worked in or led before in Top Tens. But now, I plan to achieve the same with SWAT, creating memorable moments like that & fun memories in CPA once again.

Do you have any plans set for swat to help achieve their goals?

Astro: Yes I do.

TD999: Creating memorable moments and helping SWAT get back to the major army it once was along with the rest of the Leadership & our team with stable maxes & show CPA what we are made of. Better be ready for us.

Is there anything else you would like to say?

Astro: Hi haters.

TD999: Agent Armies FTW!

It seems that Astro and Td999 are ready to lead Special Weapons and Tactics to greatness. What plans do the two have in store for SWAT? We wish Astro and Td99 along with Special Weapons and Tactics best wishes on their future together to bring the army stronger than ever.

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