Who Would Win: The Templars vs. Silver Empire

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters- Everyone knows armies Battles, take part in Tournaments and Wars. Have you ever looked at armies that max around the same and wondered “Which army will come out on top” or even some armies that have huge size differences? Well, on this edition of “Who Would Win” I decided to ask some of our staff members over here at Club Penguin Army Headquarters who they think would win. Today we look at Templars and Silver Empire.  Sit back an relax as we look at what our staff had to say about who they think would win!

The Templars placed first on this past Top Ten which was very unexpected for most to see. They have proved to be a powerful army going up 2 spots since the last to spots since the last top ten. Silver Empire who placed 8th. The Top Ten Armies of the Month for November saw Templars tie for 2nd place with the Ice Warriors. While the Silver Empire placed 8th. Both armies have shown incredible strength and power in the last few weeks. But now we ask our staff over at CPAHQ who they think would win.


A recent Templars event

Spotty– Editor-In-Chief: I think Templars would win. Not only did they reach first place in the current top ten, but they’ve also been a regular in the top 3 for a while now. Whereas the Silver Empire are considerably lower than the Templars and it’s likely that they would have a smaller size during the battle.
Sweater– Editor: I think Templars would absolutely smash Silver Empire!
Disha– Editor: I’ll go with Templars, SE is not in a strong place at the moment, but we are trying to build it up though, and with how TCP max’s every battle, they would definitely win, if we were to battle.
Mare- Moderator: I think neither would win because Silver Empire would keep fighting back and not back down. Also, I know TCP wouldn’t want to back down either. I think the war would go for a long time and end with none of them winning.
Todoro– Reporter: I would say SE, hey have potential, plus they have shown the community on what they can to prove them wrong.

Well, It seems like the majority of staff think the mighty Templars will come out on top, Who do you think would come out as a winner? Let us know your thought. Also, who do you wanna see get covered in the next edition?



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2 Responses

  1. ivy December 4, 2021 (3:55 am)

    lmaoo se could definitely pull numbers if they worked hard at it, but there’s no way they’ll beat templars anytime soon. #1 army vs #8 army </3

  2. Brownpen4 December 4, 2021 (4:32 pm)

    Templars on top

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