Tiger Warriors Revive For A Fifth Generation

CORBETT, Tiger Warriors Capital – Recently, an old army was revived once again, for their fifth generation. The army goes by the name, “Tiger Warriors.” Who are the Tiger Warriors? What led to this revival, and what have they got in store for the army community?

The Tiger Warriors were created by Bull Hour in the June of 2013. The army then was being led by Bull himself and would often make it to the Top-Ten Armies list of Club Penguin Small-Medium Army Central (CPSMAC), thus attaining a good position within the S/M army community. However, the army didn’t long last for their first-generation as Bull shut down the army to lead the ASIA division of Federation Fear Republic. After a brief break, Antonio took over the army, and under his leadership, the army would always max 10-15, which made the army grow larger in size, but after a few months, the army would shut down once again, with Antonio’s departure.
The second generation of the army would be led by Bull Hour, Jay, and Olimad. The army maintained its consistency of making it to the Top-Ten Armies list, this time, outshining themselves by getting better rankings, until it closed down.
With the third generation of the army, came in divisions – with each division having leaders so as to ensure that their performance as an army, remained intact. The army even allied with other armies and started engaging in battles, during this generation. Vishal joined the army as a leader, during this time, and under his leadership, the army reached great heights.
In the year 2017, the army decided to revive once again, under the leadership of Bull Hour, Vishal, Jay, and Astro for a fourth generation. This generation witnessed the AUSIA division becoming stronger, and can be considered as a time when the army was at its peak, with them getting consistent top positions on the Top-Ten Armies charts at CPSMAC, and Club Penguin Army Central (CPAC). After Jay’s retirement, and with other leaders being busy with their real lives, the army became dormant and eventually experienced a shutdown once more.

On the 29th of September, 2021, the Tiger Warriors revived once again for a new generation (this being their 5th generation). They had their opening event on the same day, for which 11 people showed up. The Elite Federals merged with the army, and since then they have had multiple training events, and have consistently featured in the Top-Ten Armies list. They are currently allied with the Wet Army Penguins.

Tiger Warriors 5th Generation Opening Event

CPAHQ reached out to Bull Hour on his thoughts on the revival of the Tiger Warriors, and what he has planned for the future of the army.

Why did you decide to create Tiger Warriors?

I joined Club Penguin Armies in 2012 by being recruited into the Dark Warriors. After that, I started developing an interest in armies and decided to create one of my own with my IRL friends. I didn’t have any aims or objectives in mind when I created TW, but it was actually fun leading an S/M army and getting spots in SMAC.

Why did you decide to name the army, “Tiger Warriors”?

Because I love tigers. Fear the Claws!

Could you tell me a bit about what you have planned for your army, and how you are thinking to execute these plans?

No plans for now. Our troops are having exams in school right now, so I guess in December they will be free. Until then peace. We stick to just doing events, trying to invade some free servers, and recruit.

How do you think the army will do in a few months from now?

We will rise up and reach great heights.

Given that you have been around in the army community for quite some time, what would you say would be the learning experiences that you would like to incorporate within this army?

I love the politics in Club Penguin Armies. And the thing I want to include in my army, I don’t know. CPA has changed a lot since 2017. Xat was the one we were using back then, and the recruiting would be done only through CPPS, but now there are more opportunities when it comes to recruiting. And, we all know that discord is more functional.

Before we conclude, is there anything else you would like to say, or any advice you would like to give to all the people who will be reading this?

Fear the claws.

A recent Tiger Warriors Event

Given from the conversation with Bull, it seems that he is determined in making sure that the army reaches great heights, just as their previous generation did. Bull is confident that the army will do just as great if not better than the previous generation, but only time will tell if this once-dominant S/M is able to sustain the good results. We wish Bull Hour and the Tiger Warriors good luck in all their future endeavors!

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