Swiftly Stricken (From Leadership): Glitter Fired From Celts

Update, 18/11/21, 3:40 AM GMT – Glitter has found a new home in the newly created Scars of Club Penguin, joining as their Leader-in-Training.

KLONDIKE, CPA Headquarters – In a rather unexpected turn of events, Celts leader Glitter has just been fired from their position. What did they do wrong, and what’s next for the Celts?

The Celts were officially created on June 13th, 2014 by Earthing and Bandage23. Within their first week, they were already featured in the small/medium Top Ten, something that wasn’t always easy to do. Quickly rising, the Celts capitalised on their early success by going to war with several notable S/M armies such as the Flame Bandits and Lime Green Army. In a matter of one month, the Celts had managed to reach sizes of 38 in an AUSIA event, though their legitimacy was questioned. Unfortunately, though, as time went on the consistently held by the army started to fade and by the end of the year they had closed down.

Celts claiming 38+ in an AUSIA training event – July, 2014

In modern day, the Celts have been led by Ronaldo Vargas and Glitter. The two seemed to be getting on fairly well, and in the last two weeks have held a singular event with a size of five. However, rather unexpectedly, the Celts witnessed one of their leaders step down. Glitter cited Ronaldo as being the reason for her departure. Weirdly enough, we would see the reinstatement of Glitter in not even ten minutes.

Glitter announcing their departure from the army, followed by Ronaldo’s confusion and ultimately the reinstatement of Glitter

Later that night, the Celts held an award ceremony in their server. They celebrated their best recruiters, best staff and more. Unexpectedly, before the show had even finished, onlookers from around the community would see Glitter removed from leadership in a coup d’état, organised by Ronaldo Vargas. In an announcement, Ronaldo claimed Glitter had unbanned several ex-server members, had insulted the Celts in their private messages and even went as far as to accuse Glitter of saying a racial slur that is typically used towards African Americans.

Ronaldo announcing the coup d’état, followed by the reasoning of: unbanning several ex-members, insulting Celts and use of a racial slur

To find out more about the incident and gather more evidence, Club Penguin Army Headquarters reached out to Ronaldo Vargas for an interview regarding the matter.

Can you run us through the events of the night?

Ronaldo: So first i got mad at her cause i was cursing somewhere and she said “thats why you got banned from cpan” so i got annoyed and said “you dont know [s-word] about why i got banned from cpan” so she got mad and without telling me resigned from her position and than she join back ig to unban people and thats when she said “i wanna say something, [f-word] you and the celts.

Can you provide us with evidence of Glitter insulting Celts and using the racial slur?

Ronaldo proceeded to send me this extremely small screenshot:

Ronaldo: sorry about it being small

What plans do you have for the future of Celts?

Ronaldo: Probably get a new experienced leader and I got the Medieval Warriors staff team back so im fine without glitter.

Thank you so much for your time! Do you have any final comments you would like to make?

Ronaldo: idk if you allow this but Strike Swiftly! and [f-word] you glitter i gave you a chance to revive an amazing army with me.

Ronaldo, confident in his abilities without Glitter, is planning to keep going and grow the Celts even further. A reminder that CPAHQ does not condone the use of any slurs and remember to watch what you are saying online.

With that, I pass the question on to you. What do you think about this situation? Please discuss any and all thoughts in the CPAHQ general channel!



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