Joke or Genuine? Bose DK Warriors Open To Successful First Week

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – The Bose DK Warriors have made quite the impact since their opening just a week and a half ago. Who are they and what do they want to achieve? 

The Bose DK Warriors have undoubtedly caused quite the stir this week after they debuted on the CP Army HQ’s Top Ten Armies in the 8th position – a fantastic placing and especially for a new army.

The army name comes from the popular Indian rock song “Bhaag Bhaag DK Bose”, which according to the army website “has inspired and motivated millions of Indians as well as non-Indians to this day”. Their journey began on October 22nd, almost one month ago now, when Vedant, Diwix and Scorpion Demon spontaneously came up with the name for a new army while joking about “debauchery following yet another slip up from the CP Army Network league’s judges“. The exact moment was in fact caught on camera.

October 22nd: The Bose DK journey begins.

So far, they have had just three events. The first two consisted of an opening event and AUSIA division ‘Operation: Verify Us’ which saw sizes of 18 and 12 respectively. These saw the army achieve 8th on the top ten listings last Sunday, a fantastic debut for the army. This past week, the army has held just one event so far: an ‘Operation: Expanding Horizons’ event with peak size of 13 penguins noted.

November 15th: ‘Operation: Expanding Horizons’

They appear to be largely made up from Help Force staff members, which has led for many to assume they are another ‘joke army’ that has been created among friends. CP Army HQ managed to speak with Bose DK leader Diwix to discover whether his army is for fun, or whether they truly mean business.

Congratulations on placing 8th on the Top Ten! What did you make of that?

Thanks! I really wasn’t expecting the army to be that high in the Top Ten. Seeing us at 8th place was a little surprising, but I’m happy we achieved it and hope we can get better as we go.

Many have assumed Bose DK is a proxy army for Help Force as there seems to be many staff members from the army. Is there any truth to this?

Although I cannot deny the fact we have lot’s of members from HF, the army initially started off from an Indian song and is now a fun-based army, not much to do with HF.

What would you say to people that believe Bose DK Warriors are just a joke army?

Joke’s on them I guess. Although the army’s all for fun, we have planned on being an actual army, even though some may mistaken it for a joke army.

I see you’ve scheduled several invasions for free land, what are your ambitions on the CP Army HQ map?

For now, we just want to get a few servers lol. It’s not much, but something to look forward to.

If you had any doubts that the Bose DK Warriors were to be yet another joke army, it is clear from our discussions with Diwix that they are anything but. They currently have three free-land invasions upcoming, and we will be watching intently to see what they do next.

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