Uniform Battle – Western Bloc vs Vengeance Alliance

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – The battle between the Western Bloc and the Vengeance Alliance has been an important topic of conversation, and a matter that has gained the limelight throughout the army community, these past few weeks. The war between the two armies may have ended – however, what if someone were to look at this war from a clothing point of view? Which side, according to you, had the best uniform and why?

As the name suggests, in this column, I aim to look at the uniforms worn by the two alliances for war and understand the significance behind them.

The Western Bloc went along with an interesting color scheme of black and green – having the Black Knight Costume as their Body Item, the Black Viking Helmet as their Head Item, and the Dark Vision Goggles as their Face Item.

Western Bloc Uniform

To find out more about the significance of the uniform, and the reasoning behind the choice of these particular items, I approached df44, one of the current leaders of the Silver Empire. He stated that the uniform for Western Bloc was a mutual decision made by the leaders of the 3 armies that constitute the alliance namely – the Water Vikings, Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT), and the Silver Empire. As far as the reasoning behind the selection of these items goes, he explained that the objective of the uniform was to establish a united standpoint and represent all the 3 armies in some form or the other. Thus, each item in the uniform represents one of the three armies – the Black Viking Helmet representing the Water Vikings, Dark Vision Goggles representing SWAT,  and the Black Knight Costume representing the Silver Empire.

Western Bloc in Uniform

The Vengeance Alliance, on the other hand, had a vibrant color palette, going on for them, which can be seen through their uniform – they wore the Blue CP Hoodie as their Body Item, the Blue Two Tone Scarf as their Neck Item, and the Skull Mask as their Face Item.

Vengeance Alliance Uniform

To find out more about the significance of the uniform, and the reasoning behind the choice of these particular items, I approached Yetico, who is currently the Second-in-Command at Red Ravagers.

Yetico: Tbh, we just voted cool ideas we came up with. The uniform was made in collaboration and it doesn’t necessarily represent any army. We just looked for cool easily obtainable items that were available at the time. The only difference is that we change the skin color depending on the army you’re in.

Vengeance Alliance in Uniform (skin color depending on the army)

To make things more interactive and fun, I approached a few staff members at CPAHQ, to know which uniform they liked out of the two. So as to ensure that there was no personal bias involved when making their choice – I referred to the Western Bloc Uniform as Uniform 1, and the Vengeance Alliance Uniform as Uniform 2, while asking them for their opinion. Here’s what they had to say:

DMT (Director In Chief):
1st uniform. The colors are more consistent with each other which creates a better identity for the army. Second uniform has too much going on. I also prefer uniforms that involve armor or similar gear, since we are armies after all.

Fusion (Associate Director): I’m gonna have to go with uniform 1! It’s such a more pleasant color scheme and looks real real intimidating. Plus I’m a huge fan of the night vision goggles as a piece to a uniform!

Kingfunks4 (Discord/Site Manager): The first one because it has some cool horns.

Superhero123 (Discord/Site Manager): Uniform one, more fitting color theme, edgy and cool clothes.

Spotty (Editor In Chief): I like uniform 2 better, due to the penguin dressing suitably for the icy and cold conditions that appear throughout Club Penguin. Their mask shows that they mean business and are ready to battle it out until the end. However their uniform doesn’t scream ‘i’m in an army!!’ so they’re more likely to escape the cpr mods.

Rach (Column Manager): I definitely like the Western Bloc Alliance one the best, it definitely looks more out together and looks like it had more time put into making it. It also combines all the armies together in a way which statement from each uniform <3

Max (Top Ten Committee Manager): I absolutely love both uniforms, you can clearly see the soldiers put great thought behind each item and why they would be suitable for a battle situation. It’s a shame neither made use of the hand or feet item, though, as this would have made their penguins bigger in the game. I believe the winner is the first penguin, as the use of the Armour, Night Vision Goggles and Viking Helmet together creates an imposing look that would send the shivers down their opponents spines! The contrast between the black and green of the face item will also show up great on the battlefield.

From what the Staff had to say, it seems that they liked the Western Bloc uniform better. What do you think about these uniforms? Which one out of the two would you pick, and why? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, or in our discord server!


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