The Templar’s Road to First

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Templars Empire – Just two months since winning the ‘Biggest Rise’ in CPAHQ’s Night of Debeauchery, the Templars have proved just how much of a powerhouse they really are. Today, they achieved a massive milestone that has been a long-term goal of theirs. How did the Templars reach such a milestone, and what does mean for the future of the army? 

The Templars were created by Xing on April 4th 2018, and are known as one of the more controversial armies of the CPPS era. Despite this, they have continued to be active in the community, making bold and daring moves to show why they are indeed one of the strongest major armies in the community. Since their creation, they have been involved in multiple wars such as World War VII and the Templar’s Exodus. The Templars are also a well-known participant in tournaments, reaching their first tournament finals in the Christmas Chaos 2018, they then went onto reach the Fjord Frenzy Finals in 2020, and recently they reached the finals of the Champions Cup VI.

Templars in the Champions Cup VI Final, October 2021.

Throughout 2021, the Templars have made it clear that they were aiming for the number one spot. Unlike most of the community, the Templars have not had a quiet year. They have been involved in multiple wars against armies such as the Magma Clan, the Army of Club Penguin and the Water Vikings. The Templar’s have also won multiple awards this year, with their creator and leader Xing winning ‘Most Achieved’ and the Templars winning the ‘Biggest Rise’ in CPAHQ’s Night of Debeauchery. 

Templars in their recent war against the Army of Club Penguin.

Since then, Templars have continued to prove why they deserved to win the ‘Biggest Rise’, as they’ve constantly been ranking high in the Top Ten. On the 14th November 2021, it was announced that the Templars had achieved the massive milestone of placing first on the Top Ten. 

CP Army Headquarters reached out to some of the Templar’s leadership team, Xing, Echo and Nick to find out their thoughts and opinions on achieving such a milestone.

How do you feel about finally achieving such a massive milestone? 

Xing: It feels amazing returning to our #1 spot after 2 years of being out of it

Echo: It was honestly a really good thing to wake up to on a Sunday. I remember the day Xing had us in a VC and he was furious at a recent loss we just had (I don’t remember which loss). He told us that he wanted us to get number 1 and he wasn’t gonna stop pushing us to get number one. As much as I’d love to say the leaders did this it is only fair to give credit to the real workers.. which would be the HCOM members of Templars.

Nick: Honestly I thought it was kinda funny. We were talking about maybe getting second place yesterday and I thought it would be helpful to start a planning process for first. Like a step by step goal to get there. But we already had hit it.

This year we have seen a lot of armies decrease in size or close. What do you think you have done differently to the rest of the community? 

Xing: Interacting with our troops, the general environment of Templars shows that it accommodates to the younger generation and they like battles and wars a lot, which we focus on quite a bit.

Echo: Be a templar 💀

Nick:  This is entirely on Xing. His constant encouragement and preparing is what is leading tcp towards growth.

What do you think has been most important milestone in helping the Templars to continue growing and reach first place?

Xing: The most important milestone has got to be us reaching 50 vs SWAT or even reaching 77 vs RPF or even reaching 50+ twice in a single week before the LCXI Semis.

Echo: Definitely the attempt to get enough members to get discord community (which you need a certain amount of members to get) it was a goal that would benefit TCP in getting members and when we reached the goal in turn we’d be maxing more and have discord community.

Nick: First thing that comes to mind is tcp vs acp during summer on what I believe was the cpan map. I was hcom at the time and wasn’t there for the battle but from what was said before the battle it felt like Templars was facing a titan. After the battle though it showed to me and a lot of other people that Templars could do really dumb sh*t.

What advice would you give to other army leaders that aspire for their army to one day achieve first place in the Top Ten?

Xing: Never. Give. Up.

Echo: Don’t give up. As generic as it sounds that really is the key.

Nick: If you have a goal, work for that goal. Make a plan and get it done.

What does the future have in store for the Templars?

Xing: The Holy Empire returns from the grave…

Echo: That is for CPAHQ to wait n see

Nick: A lot of crusading.

From the interview it is clear just how important members are for the Templars, as they have made them their main focus, resulting in their rapid growth. The leaders have shown just how determined they are to retain this number one spot, and that they are ready to continue to fight for it. With the CPAHQ map released today, and tournament season approaching, this gives the Templars plenty of opportunities to retain their title.

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